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Effed in the A
Did we lose hound, too?
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I think so...
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No still alive, just been a rough week with work and finals. Sorry for the delay.
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S'ok. You guys have a short window in which to decide how to proceed. The contact offering info won't wait around all night.
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When the old man with the car gets here she stealthily hops into the passenger seat "Drive, Contact go fast. Police know."
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Kage climbed into his city car (it's only intended for 1 person) before he could even get a word out and is almost sitting in his lap shouting at him in broken English. "Yes, I'm very aware of that point. I got a very interesting message fingering me as the trigger man...and where is your sister? Let's get to the Rocksie before this gets any worse. We need some answers." Jack put the tiny car into drive and sped off. He had an odd feeling of what lion tamers must have felt like stepping into the ring with the beasts as he sat awkwardly with the foreign assassin squeezed up against him.
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A smile crossed Kage's face as she noticed the stiffness in the giajin's body with her this close. Then she pulled her scarf down after adjusting her face to neutrality. "Betty no come, Not good. Possible death. Investigate later. Find killer, make pay... make pay more . " Kage slipped on her brass knuckles each one was etched in Japanese Characters. The characters on one spelled out Divine the other Punishment. A bit Animie she knew but still she liked the thought and it gave her punches a certain reputation in certain circles as a god of vengeance. It was also the only clues the Japanese authorities had to her Identity and since they were sold by the crate fulls in Akihabara it was unlikely they could pin anything on her personally when she purchased hers with hard currency.

Kage quickly broke out of the reverie and put her mind back on her surroundings looking for trouble like Go-Jira himself would walk up and start shit with her. (Go-Jira is a japanese sea monster that Godzilla was based on)
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The drive out is uneventful. The only real obstacle is the insane traffic getting into the downtown area. They end up having to leave the car at a parking garage a few blocks away. The sidewalks were crowded in this area as people hit the various clubs. A wild variety of club attire decorated the crowd. The pair of edgerunners couldn't have stood out if they wanted to. Some were elaborately dressed in ostentatious outfits where others were dressed down. One dude was walking around buck-ass naked, proudly showing off layers of grafted muscle.

Kage and Hound arrived at the Rocksie, a storied club in Night City that had discovered some of the prominent acts of the day: Burning Chrome, Neuromancer, and of course Johnny Silverhand. The line to get in was long, but so far the only disturbance was the beggars. They were just a couple of faces in an extremely large crowd.
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Kage looks at Hound. "Want line or other way?" Kage suspected that at least one alternate entrance existed so the acts and such could get in and out without having to wade through the crowd.
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As the pair are trying to decide what to do, a man in a tan trenchcoat and a black pork pie hat steps out the door. He spots them immediately and signals for them to come closer. He places something int he bpuncer's hand and gestures for the pair to follow him in.
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