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Effed in the A
With no donor card or death certificate (plus he was technically still alive), Kage has to drop off the bouncer at a cut-rate ripper and only nets 1500.  (You are one cold-blooded bitch.  I think I'm a little turned on.  ;Wink )

When she attempts to code into the office, she finds herself barred.  With no answer forthcoming from security, she is left standing outside.  An anonymously coded message arrives on her phone.  "Clear up your shit."  A link to the NCPD blotter is highlighted.  The link opens up to a long list of reported crimes in chronological order for the night.  One of them easily catches her attention.  Her new friend Jack is wanted for murder along with his two associates.  So far they only have aliases for the twins.  The disturbing part is a still from grainy surveillance camera footage showing Jack from behind holding a pistol pointed at a clearly dead Racer.

Jack is awakened by the flashing message light on his phone.  Someone sent him a Drop.  "You've been had, choomba.  Gather your inputs and meet me at the Rocksie tonight."  The message includes a link to the blotter.  (Same as Kage.)  It's particularly surprising since Jack is pretty sure he didn't shoot Racer.  The picture is from behind so it could be anyone, but the clothes are the same thing he was wearing at the bar.  He gets the sinking feeling that he should have listened to his instincts and gotten out of there quickly.
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Jack cleans out his hotel room and pokes his head out the door hoping no one will be waiting outside. Keeping his hand on his Crusher inside his coat he makes his way out of the hotel and down to his car. Keeping his eyes and ears open, he tries his best to dodge any unwanted attention from those around. After taking a quick look around his city car he hops inside. "I swear if Kaine had a hand in setting me up, I'll end him. Or at least let those girls have their fun with him." Jack thought to himself as he made his way to the Rocksie.
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(Just remember you requested this sig, I tried spoilering it and it would not work. )

After hitting the Eiji Of Japan Outlet at the mall She was feeling much better about herself and the fact she was not running around 90% naked any more further all her garments were of the armored variety which was great for a night of kicking ass and taking names. Right now she really only had one name to take but she suspected she would get to kick much ass.  She slips over to the net cafe at the mall and sends out a quick email to Jack from an anonymous free email account.  It reads "Girls looking for a good time with their Hound. Pick up at (Address here) at (time 30 mins from now)" (The Address was a meet point for the girls when the job goes south).  She then heads to the point knowing her Cyber sister should meet her at the prearranged point fairly soon.
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Krikey. Are you wearing all that crap? You can take out the gloves and boots. I won't be targeting any of that except in very rare circumstances. The neck, too. You'll be at a -3 EV penalty for all the layers. If you could do the math on the layering and put down the effective SP, that would be nice.
Equipment can be expressed simply...
B & E Tools, Grapple Line 100m, SDP 30, RecreaTech Powerblades (+1 Ath, +5 MA, 4hrs), IR Goggles, IR Flashlight, Pocket Commo

Maybe if you dumped some of the extra tabling, it would fit in a spoiler. Or at the very least, only check 'display signature' once ever page or so.

So it looks like everyone is heading out at night. Let me know if anything important is done during the day. Hopefully we haven't lost the other twin.
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Hey thanks for the tip, never knew spoilers had a Character limit. So this will work better I hope and the Ev = 0 when she drops her coat Muhahaha Shes effectively wearing 1 light layer and one medium layer of armor which means no EV penalty since the light layer counts as clothes. After her shopping trip I am good to go and yes I am worried about the sister as well.
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That's much better. Thanks.

Since you guys are doing different things, I'm going to split the threads. If MIA returns, she can join whichever one she wishes.
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Jack knows that if his name is in the blotter there is a good chance the police actually care about this murder and will try to make an example of him. So he decides to take his little city car and avoid the main streets of Night City and skirt the combat zone instead. It'll take longer, but he can hide more efficiently if he picks up a tail. His pocket PC flashes an email from an anonymous account. He pulls over into a back alley and reads it's content. The meet up point is out of his way, but better to go to the Rocksie with back up than solo. He detours his travel and goes to meet Kage at the listed address.
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Kage puts her power skates on neutral and skates her way to the meeting point. Hoping her sister did not get met by the fuzz at her place. and Wondering if Hunter will be their. Being on skates and in black she sticks to the shadows avoiding the lights when she can as well as the street gangs.
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I'll let you guys hash out your plan. Hopefully our thid will show up, but I will move on without her if not.
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Kage by means of being more maneuverable and able to take a shorter rout winds up at the meeting point. She perches on a dark roof overlooking the point waiting for hounds car to come into view. her elegant cloth scarf flowing behind her in the gentile breeze looking every inch a ninja from a vid game or anime.
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