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Star Wars D6: The Last Knight
*TOP SECRET* Alliance Dispatch 501TK421A *TOP SECRET*

ATTENTION:  All currently unassigned Field Agents

An important mission has been declared that could change the fate of the rebellion.  An agent from the Corporate Sector has discoverd a possible Jedi Knight imprisoned in a penal colony under an assumed name.  Having a legendary Jedi in the service of the Alliance would be worth almost any risk.  The mission is extremely dangerous.  Only volunteers will be accepted.  A plan is in place to have a team infiltrate the prison, identify the Jedi, and escape the prison with him.  Volunteers for this mission should report to Dantooine for a full briefing.  

Disclaimer:  The prequels are pretty much BS as far as I am concerned and generally ignore their existence.  Jedi don't dress like Tatooine moisture farmers or vice versa.  Stormtroopers aren't clones.  There are no Gungans, trade negotiations, or single damn midichlorian to be found here.  I will accept the notion that Jedi Masters Liam and Samuel are suitably bad-ass.  Big Grin

Yes, I am going back in time to use the original Star Wars RPG.  There is not a d20 to be found here.  The rules are easily summed up thusly: roll d6 equal to your skill to beat a difficulty number or an opponent's skill roll.  There, you know how to play.  Select a character template, add 7 dice levels, and go.  Any character can know any skill short of Force skills.  Templates inlcude: bounty hunter, rebel pilot, smuggler, mercenary, nobles, imperial officers, gamblers, minor Jedi, annoying kids, techs, scouts, etc.  There are a few Rebel special forces templates, too.  Templates essentially assign stats based on the type's focus.  Bounty hunters are going to have higher Dex and Str.  Pilots will have higher Tech and Mech.  I'll post up a bunch to choose from if I have enough interest for the game.
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I might be interested.  Is there a pdf were we can view the character creation rules?
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Character creation:

Step 1: Pick a template
Step 2: Add 7 points to any skills of your choice
Step 3: Go shoot some stormtroopers

It really is that simple. All skills are listed on the templates. If one is a serious control freak, 12 points can be distributed amongst the six stats. Max stat is 4. There are no racial bonuses, prerequisites, skill hierarchies, feats, spell points, hit points, armor class, weapon proficiencies, etc. You have access to all the skills. They all start at the same level as the controlling attribute. You'll have to wait for me to get home and get some sleep before I start uploading examples. The game is designed to play like the movies, fast and loose. A princess can shoot stormtroopers with the best of them. An ewok can hotwire a speeder and out run troopers on it. A farm boy can fly a star fighter just like riding a bike. Now, starting characters aren't quite as awesome as The Big Four, but they are still hero types. A bounty hunter is likely to shoot stormtroopers better than the engineer starting out, but that doesn't mean the engineer can't eventually improve his blaster skill to shoot stormtroopers even better than the bounty hunter.

Am I making any sense? It's almost 6AM here and I'm getting a little loopy. Graveyard shifts...
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Here is a sample template. The fluff is all optional. The player changes the background however they see fit.


Once you have chosen a template all you have to do is add 7 points to skills you want. No more than 2 per skill. Each point (also called a die) can be broken up to three +1's. So your strength is 3d. You want to improve brawling. Add 1 point to make it 4d. Or add +2 for 3d+2 and +1 to swimming. Make sense? +2 is the max. Add +1 to make it a whole 1d.
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I'm in, I am thinking an ex-imperial storm trooper/pilot/mech sort of character. Just give me an appropriate template and I'll figure out the rest.
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I habe never gotten to play the WEG version of Star Wars, so I did a search for sourcebooks. I found this http://www.starwarstimeline.net/Westendgames.htm So many to choose from. Which corevsourcebook/version are you using?
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Yeah, looks like this stuff is getting easier to find. I use 1st ed. The rules get needlessly complex after that.

A merc or bounty hunter template would work for a ex-stormtrooper. Brash pilot for any pilot, really. The templates give general ideas. They can be re-purposed to fit similar ideas. The sourcebooks (Imperial, Rebel, Etc) have stat blocks for typical NPC's. If you raise every stat by 1 you get a character template. The Rebel Sourcebook has some good special forces types.
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Afternoon, Man in Black. Saw your post on the Rancor Pit Forums. Still looking for players? Well versed in 2E here, but prefer the leaner skill list of 1E, etc.

And haha, the automatically selected Bill Murray portrait is ridiculous.
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No stats over 4 that means no normal wookie first mate template for instance? Yes i am intrested anyway, but i want to know. Was thinking of a wookie specialforces wilderness trooper.
Stats something like.
Dex 3D+1, Know 2D+1, Mech 2D Perc 3D, STR 5D, Tech 2D+1

Oh im in GMT +2 in case thas a problem just holler.

Best regards Johan
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Welcome aboard. Glad to see the traps I set out worked.

The wookie template is the lone exception, but that one is fine.

If everyone here is still on board, I'll get a forum set up. I'll take up to six.
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