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[IC] New Crobuzon & the World Beyond
Gilley follows along, severely out of his element. He didn't look at all happy about the state of the pub, and is just as displeased to return to the sewer. Still, he keeps all that to himself and awaits the ladies closing their transactions.
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Nacesh gives a consensual nod to the transaction but can't help noticing Gilley's unease.

"As much as we-- love-- being in the sewers I assume you have a better place to negotiate how you could contribute to our way back to our world."

I'm eager to see Simon's place, considering how careful about cleanliness he is, the spearman thinks. and it sounds like a bonus to get paid for getting home, instead of paying for the same.

OOC - concerning the Cantus guild, we are allowed to take any other contract, but we are obliged to sell magic items exclusively to them, right? so no hard feelings about selling a corpse or working for Simon?
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Betimi sense everyone else's (except maybe Agloval's) discomfort.

"Yes, perhaps we should adjourn to somewhere less fetid?"
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((Sorry, are we waiting on me?))
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(07-09-2017, 04:02 PM)Selina Parcellus Wrote: ((Sorry, are we waiting on me?))

OoC: I think it's more me people are waiting on but as I stated in my GM News Thread which is found on the main Forum page, I would likely get back to normal posting by Monday (today).  But Betimi did mention Selina but she didn't seem to take notice.

"You said you do not haggle, good sir. So we are faced with the choice of take it or leave it. I agree with Selina's concerns, and if that is what would happen if we were to pursue a buyer on the Dark Market, then i think you have made a generous offer." She looks at Selina for confirmation. "I will abide Selina's decision, we accept." ]

Does Selina accept?]

Simon turns to look at Selina for confirmation.

If the deal is agreed upon, Simon pulls a square of black velvet from the inside of his cloak.  He carefully unfolds the square until it opens fully into a 6' diameter circle blanket.  He lays it flat upon the ground beside the corpse and then asks, "Can I get some help carefully lowering the specimen inside?"  For a moment you think your eyes are playing tricks upon you but the light you carry now shines into a pit, with the edges of the hole appearing as if the velvet has weaved into the stone around it.  With a little effort and several thankful praises from Simon that Unreth's size is mostly due to it's legs, it isn't too difficult to squeeze his body into the hole.  Simon then folds the hole back to its original handkerchief size and then leads the group back to The Dying Child.

Outside the wind had picked up a little.  Simon walked quickly up the little alley that adjoined The Dying Child with Paddler Way and his workshop-home.  He pushes open the green doors and enters the building.  Simon's laboratory appears to have once been a warehouse years ago, and its huge, dusty floorspace was filled with little benches and retorts and blackboards that perched in its corners.  

From the two corners of the floor yelled greetings from a couple of other rogue-scientists like Simon, with whom he shared rent and the space.  They used the ground floor, each filling a corner with their tools, separated by forty feet of empty wooden boards.  A refitted waterpump jutted from the floor between their ends of the room.  A construct they shared was rolling across the floor, loudly and inefficiently sweeping up dust.

[Image: perdido_st_station___cleaner_by_saltmarsh.jpg] 

The door slams heavily shut behind you, and the long mirror that hung beside it making you wonder how that it didn't shatter.  Ascending the staircase you eventually arrive at Simon's work space.  

Simon's workshop, his kitchen and his bed, were on the huge walkway that jutted out from the walls halfway up the old warehouse.  It was about twenty feet wide, circumnavigating the hall, with a ramshackle wooden railing.  His bed, stove and chamberpot were in on corner of the raised platform, and at the other end of the same side were the bulky protuberances of his lab.  Glass and clay containers full of weird compounds and dangerous chymicals filled the shelves.  Heliotypes of Simon with his friends in various poses around the city dotted the walls.  The warehouse backed onto the Umber Promenade with his windows looking out over the River Canker and the Bonetown shore, giving him a splendid view of the Ribs (which looked like a colossal rib cage of some monster that rose above the skyline) and the Kelltree Train which toots twice in the distance.

"Welcome to my home and workplace," Simon says with a smile.
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"May I?"

Betimi wanders along the shelves lookingwith curiousity at the strange space, even more interested it seems in some of the glass containers containing various specimens floating in noxious liquid.
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Simon nods and then adds, "As for your earlier question, I do not have the materials laying around nor the skill but I can direct you to some people able to make you What you need."

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Selina nods in agreement with Betimi, just wanting to be through with this plane of existence already.  When Simon pulls out a handkerchief and begins to unfold it, Selina gives him a very odd look.  But then the cloth turns out to be far more than it appears and her look turns to one of appraisal.  A portable...pit.  How Fascinating!  If only she could feel the same way about everything else in this place.  She isn't sure exactly how much aid she can lend in carrying the broken-corpse-formerly-known-as-monstrosity...but she had a feeling she'd have no shortage of assistance.

Selina wasn't terribly happy that she had to endure another walk through her current personal Plane of Madness, but it didn't go so badly this time.  Perhaps planar travel simply requires acclimation...  That was something she'd have to ask Samara about...assuming they ever met again.  In any case, judging by first appearances, Simon was apparently a workaholic living with other workaholics.  Selina had no quick or easy solution for that, assuming any of them even wanted such.  She nods to his tour and responds "Yes, it's very...spacious."
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Simon nods to Betimi and then when Selina responds, he abruptly clears his throat and then replies, "Yes... I see you have quite a give for understatement..."

The scientist then walks over to his desk, opens one of the bottom drawers, then thrusts his hand inside.  He feels around for a few moments and then digs deeper and deeper until both arms and head are inside the drawer.  Placing his foot on the side of his desk for leverage, Simon pushes with all his might until he pulls out what appears to be some kind of coin belt.  Simon then fixes his hair and straightens his red trench coat.  He then presents the belt to one of you along with a pouch.

"Inside the pouch you will find the coin I promised for the specimen.  The belt is a special item I had created but I will present to you as part of your continued service.  That's if you wish to continue to be offer your services.  Our world has many different types of currency.  A new civilization pops up practically every week and we've even had visitors from other worlds.  So this belt will automatically convert whatever currency you place on the left side into whatever currency you've placed in the right side.  In other words, place a Shekel into the right pouch and whatever currency you place in the left pouch will turn into Shekels.  At the proper exchange rate, of course.  So do you wish to accept employment?"
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[OoC: With this money, you can now do some shopping for magic items and other equipment.  Just give me a list of what you would like and I will let you know if it's available.  Most will be available but I reserve the right to veto anything to crazy.  Custom items will take time to not only create but to find someone willing to create the item.  This may seem like a high magic world but it's no Forgotten Realms.  And many spell casters in this world follow different magical traditions that may not be able to even cast the spell needed to create the item.  But in some cases items may be even cheaper to create if you find someone with a tradition that compliments what type of item you wish to create.  A wand of tongues would be a great item for a Communicatrix to create but not so much for an Elementarii who specialize in creating Elementals from any type of material.]

[OoC2: I do have some prestige classes too for some of these wizards.]
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