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Kage, did you already disappear him?
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Man in Black (and fellow players)

I'm sorry for being so slow to post. 

I'm going to have to withdraw from this game... I just have too much going on with work and family to start a new game. 

Sorry for any inconvenience, thanks for the opportunity. Please feel free to use Solomon as an NPC as you continue.

Happy gaming! Take care.
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Thanks for letting me know. Come on back if you change your mind.
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Belatedly, would like to express some interest! It's been a while since I've played 2020, but I dug my old books out the other day and suddenly couldn't stop thinking about Neuromancer and Johnny Mnemonic.

I'll run through Moosh and get a lifepath going, then get back to you with a character if that's acceptable Smile
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Can't wait. Hopefully you can break the curse.
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Hopefully! Big Grin

Anyway, looking at some kind of Netrunner. Lifepath's done. Gonna be weird figuring out what happened during that nine-month blackout, but nothing says cyberpunk like a weird mystery involving some jerk who sticks their brain in the net every chance they get. Should have the majority of it up by tomorrow sometime.

EDIT: While very much in the spirit of cyberpunk, would it be detrimental campaign-wise if my character sold their soul to a Corp for ten grand? Deckin' ain't cheap, and that rippin' newtech costs a literal arm and a leg! :p
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That could be problematic. If they are paying for you, they aren't letting their investment wander the streets to take on deadly missions. Heck, even if they did it for just one big job they are likely to try and hold on to you. I'll have to see if I can think up any good scenarios that would work out.
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Argh! The outside world -- my arch-nemesis! -- strikes again! Wasn't expecting Irma to punch us in the face out here, but she managed to knock power out for about a day and a half.

Anyway, done mechanically with the sheet. Should have background and stuff up for review in a few hours probably.
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Ok, hopefully everyone is still with us. The game has been start and stop for awhile with people coming to play and quickly leaving. So for our new netrunner, let's just assume he was the old netrunner since there is like two or three IC posts from him.
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Roger-dodger! Soon as the next post goes up, I'll jump right in :3
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