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Entry Cavern
(05-03-2017, 02:59 AM)Reawyn Wrote:
(05-03-2017, 02:41 AM)Taijun Wrote: OoC - I know there is one torch lit but how do the fire beetles work?  Do we just prop them on a stick or hold them by their antennae like lanterns?

OoC - Do any tracks look human?

Taijun climbs up the ledge and lends a hand getting the others and gear up.

Climb = 19
[OoC the fire beetle glands glow, so Reawyn harvested the glands... yes probably wet and gooey sacks of glowing flesh.. so unless we have glass jars to keep them in.. or put them on sticks they are basically available for emergency lights. They only give half the light of a torch anyway, and perhaps twice that of a candle http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster...etle-fire/

A friend of mine did have a really morbid but amusing idea. Toss the glands ahead of us as we go, since we have 4 of them. Plop .. see what it lights up, toss the next one further.. plop..  move up to the first.. toss another ahead.. plop.   I'd imagine they'd deteriorate a bit faster than teh 1d6 days getting abused like that[]

OoC - but they'd glow under water no doubt Smile
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Chrome abides by the request, and secured the opposite end of the rope. Admittedly, he found some good amusement at Reawyn's behest, despite that save for a good footing Chrome might have easily found himself in the alchemist's shoes. He decided to wait around until everyone else was up and ahead. Despite the order out of the water, Chrome was a person not meant to be in the front of a group such as theirs.

Admittedly, at least you requested someone to be at your back to imply some sort of modesty. Chrome was trying to offer some to the person who seemed to lack any. Though, I'm sure he'd have averted his gaze to Cin as well.
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While the others work on getting up the ledge, Weyna pulls out a crystal, which glows faintly in her hand. She holds it up and investigating the cave entrance.

((Prismatic Crystal: This chunk of crystal shines with the colors of the rainbow. A prismatic crystal can be used as a focus for the read aura occult skill unlock to reduce the time needed to read an aura from 10 minutes to 5 minutes. When held by psychic creatures, these crystals also emit light in a small area, increasing the light level in a 10-foot radius by one step (darkness becomes dim light, and dim light becomes normal light). A prismatic crystal can't increase the light level above normal light.))
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Reawyn's foot slips on some loose gravel on the first attempt, but once he resets himself he clambers up the slope easily with Ursk's assist.

(The rope takes it down to a DC 5. At this point, nobody can fail big enough to actually take damage. Consider it climbed.)

The tracks are still a confusing mess going every which way. There are only two obvious ways that the previous groups could have gone, over the ledge or further down the water way.
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Ursk climbs the rope on the ledge and, once up with the others, draws his axe and shield. His bald pate is skill scratched and raw from his earlier altercation (damned windows) but he is untouched from the beetles. "Bugs not kill lost master. Bugs not kill anything Ursk thinks. We keep going. Ursk not need torch but not quiet like some. Ursk go first or not?"
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Reawyn collects his rope and grapple once everyone is up, then stores it back in the packs.

"Wasn't someone going to create magical light? If not I will light another torch."

He turns to Ursk. 

"Yes, friend dwarf, lead on, we shall follow close behind."

Once Ursk starts to move Reawyn does follwow close behind, keenly aware that he may not be the toughest person in combat, but that as a skilled trapfinder he needs to be close to the front or his skills are useless.

[OoC - Perception +4; Perception(Trapfinding) +5; Disable Device +10}
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OOC: I've alluded it to it twice already, once very directly, but Chrome's vestment is currently glowing as though a torch. He cast light on himself, but can change the light to someone else if we want a shining beacon at the front instead.
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A collection of stalactites and stalagmites choke this low ceilinged cavern, making it difficult to squeeze between them. Matching stalactites close in from the five foot high ceiling, giving the impression of a maw of needlelike teeth beraing down on one another. A dead half-orc sprawls on the ground near the cave's Eastern entrance.
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Ursk moves cautiously through the chamber, keeping to the wall while he watches for threats. When he sees the half-orc's body, he pauses, raises his shield arm in a warning signal to the others. He examines the area, taking advantage of his darkvision. If he doesnt see any immediate threat, he will move closer to investigate.

Perception: 1d20+4 5 (OOC: Hmm. That might be a rock.)
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Cin will also be scrutinizing the area...

[Perception +6 = 9  Dodgy ; Pathfinder says you can retry Perception rolls so if she can, Cin will take 10 for a total of 16.]

But can't see much due to those stalactites and stalagmites.  She moves around to get a better position to look around the area.
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