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Entry Cavern
Dampness hangs in the air of this cave, condensing into heavy moisture on the slick, stone walls. The calm, dark waters wind around to the east up north, along a stony, soot-scarred beach. A five-foot-high ledge sporting several stalagmites rises to the east, beyond which a low-ceilinged cave beckons.

Taijun can see a variety of tracks but lacks the skill to interpret them. (Survival is needed.)

(The ledge requires a DC 10 climb check.) The ledge looks like it will take a minor amount of effort to climb, though there are a few stalagmites that could make the job easier.

Kayla noses around for traps but finds none.
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While the others inspect the area, Ursk listens to Chrome and can't help but give the man a suspicious eye. Why would he use magic to make me stronger? Is it a trick? Put me under his control while my guard is down?

His beard twitches and brow furrows in consternation. He seems genuine, but then again he wouldn't outright say "Hey Ursk, let me turn you into a hamster."

He stares at Chrome a moment longer, then says, "Ursk trust you once. You get spell wrong, turn Ursk into... into... what word for," the dwarf curls back his lips to expose his teeth, puts his fingers to either side in an imitation of large rodent teeth, then makes a rat-like chittering sound. "You do that, Ursk smash you. Or bite you. Or whatever Ursk able to do when little fur thing."

OOC: I have a modest about of Survival (+4) if someone tells me where to look, though I may be better aiding another.

Survival (aid another or actual check if no one has higher): 1d20+4 16
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Weyna is not much help in looking for tracks, so she tries climbing up to the ledge instead, and scampers up like a goat.

Survival [1d20+4] = 3+4 = 7

Climb [1d20] = 20
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Chrome waved away the thought of turning him into some rodent. "I wish i had access to such a magic! Believe it or not,the spell to make you a mouse does exist but is far beyond my skill level. The only thing i can do for you is make you and your gear larger." He offered, then proceeded to see if he couldn't make his way up the cliff. Not necessarily to be first, but just expecting it'd take him a few tries to find his footing and so wanted to get started.
Up the ledge: 1d20-1 16
However, he surprises himself and makes it up without too much difficulty.
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The concept that making Ursk smaller is somehow more difficult than making him more powerful baffles the dwarf, but with one of grunts that typically indicates acceptance, he seems to find the sorcerer's explanation adequate.
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(05-01-2017, 04:30 AM)Chrome Veneer Wrote: Then taking a page from everyone else, started to wring them out best he could without disrobing like Weyna. He certainly averted his gaze from her, not embarrassed of or for her but merely offering some level of modesty to her though she seemed to lack it entirely.

[OoC: So Cin doesn't deserve to be offered 'some level of modesty.'  Why I oughta...  Angry   Tongue  ]

When it's time to climb the 5' ledge, Cin asks for a boost from anyone.  She will thank whomever volunteers and when they cup their hands together, Cin places her foot in their palm and tries to pull herself onto the ledge.

[OoC2:  Climb -2 = 8  Sad  Do I get at least a +2 from the boost? ]
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Reawyn will cup his hands and attempt to give Cin a boost.

[Climb (aid another) [1d20-3] = 20-3 = 17}

He has no problem allowing the lithe gunfighter to step first on his cupped hands then up to his shouklder. [OoC a good roll, but still just a +2]

Knowing that climbing up as encumbered as he is will be difficult he then gest his rope from teh sack carried by one of teh others uncoils it and attaches the grappling hook.  

"Stand back!"

He tosses the grappling hook up, not intending it to catch anything, merely just to land safely at the feet of Cin and Chrome.

[Ranged touch (grappling hook) to hit specified square [1d20+2] = 4+2 = 6 Success to hit ac5 if theer is no range increment penalty.. rerolling just in case.
Ranged touch (grappling hook) to hit specified square [1d20+2] = 8+2 = 10]

It takes him a few tries to loft the heavy grapple up onto the ledge.

"Can you folk loop that around one of the thicker stalacmites?"

Assuming that Cin adn Chrome do as requested, and we now have a rope to assist, he attempts to pull himself up the rope, and fails to even get his feet off teh ground.
[Climb [1d20-3] = 5-3 = 2]

"I need help", he says with a sigh.
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Ursk watches Raewyn's floundering and fumbling, rolls his eyes, then moves over to help the man up.

Aid Another: Climb (Raewyn): 1d20+2 20 Get a +2 on your next check. (Can we do a Take 10 on this?)

Also, a +2 to someone for Survival or a DC 16 check if no one else can do it.
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OoC - I know there is one torch lit but how do the fire beetles work?  Do we just prop them on a stick or hold them by their antennae like lanterns?

OoC - Do any tracks look human?

Taijun climbs up the ledge and lends a hand getting the others and gear up.

Climb = 19
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(05-03-2017, 02:41 AM)Taijun Wrote: OoC - I know there is one torch lit but how do the fire beetles work?  Do we just prop them on a stick or hold them by their antennae like lanterns?

OoC - Do any tracks look human?

Taijun climbs up the ledge and lends a hand getting the others and gear up.

Climb = 19
[OoC the fire beetle glands glow, so Reawyn harvested the glands... yes probably wet and gooey sacks of glowing flesh.. so unless we have glass jars to keep them in.. or put them on sticks they are basically available for emergency lights. They only give half the light of a torch anyway, and perhaps twice that of a candle http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster...etle-fire/

A friend of mine did have a really morbid but amusing idea. Toss the glands ahead of us as we go, since we have 4 of them. Plop .. see what it lights up, toss the next one further.. plop..  move up to the first.. toss another ahead.. plop.   I'd imagine they'd deteriorate a bit faster than teh 1d6 days getting abused like that[]
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