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In the Mix
Jack pops his head up as he sees Kage grab the shotgun mid air. He nods with approval. Turning his attention back to Racer he hopes he'll live so they'll get paid, he checks Racer's pulse.

First Aid check [1d10+7] = 8+7 = 15

"Let's  head out. No need to stick around. Message has been sent." Jack grabs a bottle off the shelf and takes a long swig as he heads out the bar, Armalite in hand. With his car parked outside, he hopes to make a quick get away before someone decides to try and stop them.
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He can tell right away that this guy is going to need some skilled aid to keep him breathing.

With the mission accomplished, the trio disburses to their bolt-holes for the night. Or whatever it they do at night...

(Great adventure guys! See ya next time!)

(Oh wait. You want more? Yeah, it's never that easy in Cyberpunk. Give me a brief rundown explaining where you go and what your morning plans are. Then I'll start Chapter 2)
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Jack makes his way off to a 2 star hold in the wall hotel. He checks to see if he's gotten any work from his usual contacts. He finishes the bottle he picked up at Racers in his room and hopes that something more lucrative will come up soon. Strong arm jobs were never his style, even if they did buy him a room for another night. The sisters may have been good at what they did, but far from what he's used to. Jack locks the door and jams a chair under the handle. He stashes his Armalite under his pillow and tries to get some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will bring something better.
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Kage will shove the Bouncers corpse into the Cars trunk and ask for a ride to the next nearest body bank. From there she deposits the bouncer. She will then take that cash and then go to her corp HQ and fill out the moonlighting forms for the amount she receives from the body bounty and the job cut so that her income is accounted for by the corp and it will not look like she's embezzling. She will then get her scheduled and report to work and her apartments as normal. (Note changing clothes to her corp provided uni includes washing up and getting her clothes laundered. Depending on the amount she would go shopping for more clothes.)
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You guys can respond to the new thread whenever you're ready.
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