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Setting and Clarification
I want to open this up to general discussion of the CP2020 setting.  It definitely shows its age in places.  Like how phones are a thing in CP2020 but aren't the everything devices like we have now.  Screamsheets are high tech newspaper dispensers that print on demand.  Who is going to stop and print out the news that they can just look up on their phone?  Well, unlike now, the Net of CP2020 isn't free and easy for anyone and their dog to have a site.  The screamsheet kiosks would be a good way for small organizations and independents to get the word out.  A small band trying to gain a following may post some flyers with dates and locations for people to notice and print.  It could be used as a recruiting tool for small groups to gain followers.  Thoughts?
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Something else to note, pistols are legal to carry and many do, but carrying around rifles and SMG's while heavily armored will get you a whole lot of unwanted attention. The police may be overworked and undermanned, but it doesn't make them totally ineffective. Not to mention making yourself a target for other opportunists. You may think you're a walking tank and fear no man, but a monowire from a dark alley and someone has a brand new kit. On the good side, your organs will go to someone in need. See, you're making a difference and saving lives!

Speaking of guns, they are dangerous. There are no healing potions. If you're overmatched, get the hell out of there. Come back later and hit them where they ain't looking. That's Cyberpunk.
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Still haven't had any time to read, welcome to working 50 hour work-weeks. But a suggestion re cell phones and scream sheet kiosksetc. All it would take is a privatization of the internet and all our fancy cell phones become much less useful. If there is no global internet that is free to use. Imagine if every server charged for any traffic that went through it. Do a traceroute sometime and you will see 10-15 hops at least just to go across north america to connect to a particular server, if every server charged a toll, it would cost a FORTUNE to use the internet. A hacker would make a very good living 'smuggling' data traffic through his own local servers without them being aware, and mass media would all be subscription based.

You want netflix.. not only do you have to pay Netflix subscription, but you have to pay every carrier between you and them, not just your personal ISP.
Suddenly screamsheets become the mass market media again.
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You're reading my mind. That's scary. How did you get past my tinfoil hat?
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I'm adding a new concept to the setting called 'Drops.' A Drop is like a Snapchat for the underground set. It is virtually untraceable and anonymous. Someone can put a Drop out for job opportunities, black market sales, etc. They self-delete after being viewed. You can't just stumble on to a Drop list. Someone has to refer you to keep the authorities from trying to track down some of these illicit deals. If you have any thoughts or other ideas on this, please put them out there.
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Alt+Prnt Scr = Not so secret LOL
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(03-29-2017, 03:56 AM)Lillycat Wrote: Alt+Prnt Scr = Not so secret LOL

Unless the program you are viewing contains a virus that attacks your system slowly destroying your files for trying to make a copy of the file ;P

Those darned NetRunners and their stinking viruses!! 

But yeah, when there's a will there's a way.
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35mm camera at screen and click "Ohhh a screen Shot !"
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Do they even still make film?
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... Fixers can get ya anything Smile
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