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[IC] Chapter 2-2: The Seven
Toot says in a high pitched, almost squeaky voice, to the two women who were going to join his group, "What skills you two have to offer group?"
(03-20-2017, 08:35 PM)Merrinna Starsong Wrote: (I applaud you, Sir Silent Giant. You're close to giving Merri a stroke! Big Grin )

OOC - You mean the word `stroke` as caressing her cheek? Or brain hematoma? I would imagine the former caused the latter.
Shanna glances at the deformed gnome as he asks his question before responding:

"Mystical expertise, planar knowledge and experience.  I'm the bookish type."
[OoC: Toot's not deformed.   Sad   ]

Toot's eyes light up.  "You have book full of special paper?  Toot's family found book like that once.  The paper inside soft and absorbent.  Felt so good on bottom!"  He blinks up at Shanna and says, "Would Shannanana have spare sheet or two... for Toot?"
OOC - https://youtu.be/WM8bTdBs-cw?t=324
Shanna sighs and shakes her head sadly at the grotesque gnome.

"Sorry, little friend.  None to spare."

((OOC - He's also not totally a gnome, either Wink.  And despite my language, Shanna doesn't discriminate and doesn't hold anyone accountable for their appearance.))
[OoC:  Well Toot wears a Hat of Disguise and he's careful not to let anyone touch him so they don't have a reason to attempt to disbelieve.  So the hat covers any perceived "disfigurement."]

Toot frowns, "Too bad.  You should try it!  It's oh so comfy!"
Merrinna lets out a deep sigh.
(03-17-2017, 08:44 AM)Silent Giant Wrote:
(03-16-2017, 08:26 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: "Questions?"

How long were we away? Can somebody appraise our loot? (ooc-identify)

ooc - there was no answer
So how long were we away?

He picks up a common heavy flail from armory before we leave this world. Are there common cold iron / silver weapons too?
OOC - I'm not sure Giant would even think about such a possibility that time passed differently here and there but...

"Two days, six hours, and twenty-four minutes, if counting from the last to enter to the first to exit." Geddin replies.

Giant finds a common heavy flail but there are no free-to-take weapons made of unusual material or of masterwork quality.

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