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[IC] Chapter 2-2: The Seven
Portho just stands back, quietly for once, listening and absorbing.

Sea of Fear hmmm, that decides one of the wands I should get at least

He tries to wrack his brain for creatures that have powers of fear, circling back to dragon's with their terrifying auras and many forms of undead.
But there are just so many possibilirties.

[Bardic Knowledge [1d20+12] = 5+12 = 17]
(03-18-2017, 06:05 PM).Merrinna Starsong Wrote: "You do not hunt the Illithid.  They hunt you.  They would use you like you use your axe.."  She puts the finishing touches on her hair, twirling the excess braids into a pair of knots.  "I know something of them.  Enough to know we would need to take extra precaution to ward our minds for they are the playground of the Illithid."

She pauses in thought.  "Why 'D'?"

Then we have to be unobserved to hunt them before they hunt us. What do you suggest against them?

Their names start with "d" except mind-flayer.
Merrinna rubs her forehead and sighs. "Who is 'they' and what do their names have to do with anything?"
Torin nods to the girls: Torin. and he turns to Merri Glad to see you in this form.
(03-16-2017, 08:26 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: It's late morning by the time the party of--...

Hmm...A motley crue, this one...  Shanna thinks as she walks in and has a look around the table.  She is otherwise unassuming, save the rather significant number of wands adorning her hair like pins holding an elaborate braid in place.  It was something she had learned from the Magister that was just one more added benefit to being female, elf, or dwarf: Long hair just meant one more place to hide potentially useful items.  On that note, when her name is called, she nods as requested, still looking around and memorizing the other names spoken, addressing word to face as she would likely be working with this group for the foreseeable future.

Chant of Ages.  I've thought about it...wracked my mind about it...but I've no idea what it is.  Must be local.  'Sea of Fear'?  Well, our resident bard and cleric might be able to handle that well.  Good thing I've brought a few wands against creatures that might cast such effects as well.  Tied to arcane magic, my specialty.  Enchantments, charms and compulsions?  Oh, so that's yet another thing to be glad I brought those wands for.  Fly fast?  Note to self: scribe up some Phantom Steeds.  And we get some time to prepare.  Excellent.

Shanna raises a finger at the request for questions.

"You said 'closest to conjuration, but not quite.'  What does that mean?  Is it conjuration or isn't it?  If it is not, is it Arcane, Divine, or psionic in nature?  I merely seek a reference to create a context for.  If I reach this...portal or gate or whatever the 'Sea' truly is, I will need such context.  If I examine it through the eyes of the Arcane, and it is not arcane, I have only wasted our time."

(03-16-2017, 11:12 PM)Lugar Wrote: Lugar stands back and watches the big half-human get a little teary eyed with Merri. She probably wouldn't recognize him in his old miner disguise anyway. It was good to see her back on her feet again. Lugar felt badly that they had to carry her lifeless body in a sack. We probably could have filled that space with more loot. He shrugs away those thoughts and makes a silent promise to himself not to loose another friend again, for loots sake.

After listening and nodding along with the speaches and introductions Lugar clears his throat, "So we could have been trapped on the other side of the gate if we didn't pass through in time?"

Indeed.  Fascinating how little they know of planar mysticism.  I wonder if this 'Merri' has not explained things enough.  Shanna, of course, takes a firmly beneficial view on those who practice magical arts of any sorts and a relatively dim view on brutes, as she calls them.  Based upon her history, all good things have come from magic and magic users, and all of the negative points have come from those who rely on brute strength and violence to get their way.

Shanna's thoughts center on the 'Devourer' as undead and 'D' names fly about, and she shudders.  Might also worry about Driders, but not really Mind Flayers.

((OOC - There's nothing in what I read to indicate Illithid.  They are psionic users, primarily.))
Ooc -  Lugar holds a particular hatred of Mind Flayers and a healthy respect of Fear of them, that's why he brought them up, because they terrify him the most.
(03-19-2017, 12:24 PM)Lugar Wrote: Ooc -  Lugar holds a particular hatred of Mind Flayers and a healthy respect of Fear of them, that's why he brought them up, because they terrify him the most.

If Lugar hates them then his dude hates them too Smile
(03-18-2017, 09:33 PM)Merrinna Starsong Wrote: Merrinna rubs her forehead and sighs.  "Who is 'they' and what do their names have to do with anything?"

They are...they are the most fearsome creatures I have ever heard about.

What are Devourers and Driders? - he asks Shanna
((Shanna was thinking about them. She never mentioned them out loud...))
(03-19-2017, 02:47 PM)Shanna Rendin Wrote: ((Shanna was thinking about them.  She never mentioned them out loud...))

Oh, you are right, sorry. So there is no question then Smile

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