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[OOC] Character Creation
Yay, More gear when he dies.. horribly
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(07-11-2017, 01:50 AM)Man in Black Wrote: Looks good. I'll work you in.

Sounds good!
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(07-11-2017, 02:28 AM)Kage no Ken Wrote: Yay, More gear when he dies.. horribly

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Here's the basic sheet for review before final submission. Let me know if I need to change anything at all, boss Smile


Name:  Axel Escarra
Handle:  NullCaste
Role:  Netrunner
Age:  25
Gender:  Male
Hair:  Varies (Typically Two-Tone Silver-Blue, Shaved Rocker Crop)
Eyes:  Varies (Typically Oscillating Silver-Blue)
Height:  5'10"
Weight:  165 Lbs.


Origins & Personal Style\\

Clothes:  Jumpsuits
Hairstyle:  Tinted
Affections:  Weird Contact Lenses
Ethnicity:  Hispanic American

Family Background\\

Rank:  Corporate Executive
Parents:  Sold NullCaste for Money
Family Status:  Family Status is Okay
Childhood:  In a Pirate Pack
Siblings:  NullCaste is an Only Child


Traits:  Arrogant, Proud, and Aloof
Person Most Valued:  A Lover
Valued Most:  Your Word
Most Valued Possession:  A Recording
Feeling About Most People:  Neutral

Life Events\\

Age 16:  Fast Affairs and Hot Dates.
Age 17:  Found a Teacher (+1 Programming).
Age 18:  Romance. Lover Committed Suicide.
Age 19:  Found a Teacher (+1 Programming).
Age 20:  Angered a National Corporation with Agents in Major Cities Nationwide.
Age 21:  Big Score on Job. Acquired 800 Eurodollars.
Age 22:  Friend Met Through Common Interest.
Age 23:  Made Female Booster Enemy. Caused by Physical Disability. They Hate Him. Has an Entire Gang.
Age 24:  Romance. Professional Rivals.
Age 25:  Accident. Lost 9 Months of Memory.



Intelligence: 10
Reflexes: 7
Cool: 7
Technical Ability: 8
Luck: 7
Attractiveness: 6
Movement Allowance: 7
Body Type: 7
Empathy: 5 (Originally 7)

Calculated Attributes\\

Body Type Modifier: -2
Run: 21m
Leap: 5m
Carry: 70kg.
Lift: 240kg.
Throw: 70m
Reputation: 0
Humanity: 48 (70 Base - 22 Cyberwear)
Current IP: 0

Career & Prime Skills\\

*Career Skill

*Interface:  +10 (+20) // +11 (+21) w/ Low-Impedance Cables
*Awareness/Notice:  +4 (+14)
*Basic Tech:  +0 (+8)
*Cyberdeck Design:  +4 (+12)
*CyberTech:  +2 (+10)
*Education:  +4 (+14)
*Electronics:  +4 (+12)
*Programming:  +5 (+15), +2 from Teacher Included
*System Knowledge:  +5 (+15)
Athletics:  +3 (+10)
Endurance:  +3 (+10)
Handgun:  +3 (+10)
Language [English]:  +0 (+18), Native
Language [Streetspeak] +0 (+18), Free
Personal Grooming:  +2 (+8)
Streetwise:  +3 (+10)
Swimming +1 (+8)
Wardrobe/Style +2 (+8)


Shift-tacts  (100eb // 0.5H)
Light Tattoo  (20eb // 0.5H)
Neuralware Processor  (1000eb // 2H)
Pain Editor  (200eb // 4H)
Interface Plugs  (200eb // 4H)
Cybermodem Link  (100eb // 1H)
Vehicle Link  (100eb // 3H)
Smartgun Link  (100eb // 2H)
Machine/Tech Link  (100eb // 2H)
DataTerm Link  (100eb // 2H)
Chipware Socket  (200eb // 1.5H)


9eb Unspent
Smartgun Sternmeyer Type 35  (Pistol // WA +0 // Jacket // Common // 3d6 (11mm) // Shots# 8 // ROF 2 // Range 50m // Very Reliable // 800eb)
Heavy Pistol Ammo x100  (36eb)
Holster  (20eb)
Pistol Silencer  (100eb)
Light Armor Jacket  (SP 14 Arms & Torso // EV +0 // 150eb)
Urban Flash Jumpsuit  (Urban Flash Top & Pants // 105eb)
Low-Impedance Cables  (+1 Interface // 60eb)
Nylon Carry Bag  (5eb)
Sleeping Bag  (25eb)
Cellular Cyberdeck  (4000eb)
Cyberdeck Keyboard  (100eb)
Cyberdeck Chipreader  (100eb)
Cyberdeck Chips x30  (17 Used // 300eb)


Cellular Cyberdeck (SPD +0 // CPU 1 // MEM 10 // DATA 2 // Cellular, Keyboard, Chipreader)


Backup  (MU 1 // STR 4 // Backed-Up // 140eb)
Databaser (MU 2 // STR 8 // Backed-Up // 180eb)
Worm  (MU 5 // STR 2 // Backed-Up // 600eb)
Wizard’s Book  (MU 2 // STR 4 // Backed-Up // 400eb)
Invisibility  (MU 1 // STR 3 // Backed-Up // 300eb)
Viddy Master  (MU 1 // STR 4 // Backed-Up // 140eb)
Soundmachine  (MU 1 // STR 4 // Backed-Up // 140eb)
Genie  (MU 1 // STR 5 // Backed-Up // 150eb)
Hotwire  (MU 1 // STR 4 // Backed-Up // 130eb)
Crystal Ball  (MU 1 // STR 4 // Backed-Up // 140eb)
Phone Home  (MU 1 // STR 5 // Backed-Up // 150eb)



“Dear me. You made a real Wilson of yourself, choomba. Don’t lose this log, just in-case there’s something wrong with your brain. Remember. Remember…”


“Woke up face down in stale kibble. Couldn’t remember the night before – that’s normal. Couldn’t remember the last year of my life – that’s not. Head hurt like someone just ripped ten pounds of chrome outta my skull. Fingers numb, bruises everywhere, taste of blood in my mouth. Someone had it out for me bad. Wanted me to hurt good. Had to have screwed up in a major way or found something I wasn’t supposed to, but can’t remember how or what – maybe I didn’t get out clean? Most of my chips are missing; ripped right out of the socket, found em’ smashed in the trash. Car’s fried outside; nothin’ left but ashes and memories of old inputs. My deck – my baby – was even worse. Thought maybe Infocomp finally caught up with me – that I got sloppy. Couldn’t have been them, or I’d have my brains splattered like flashpaint all over the wall. Instead, my apartment just looks like a car-b-que. Place is trashed, all the shit I care about is fugazi.”

“Defragged myself. Made sure my brain-drive wasn’t totally corrupted. Most of the important stuff’s there: NullCaste, console cowboy, rap sheet longer than a joyboy’s package, cyberpunk. Sold to pirates. Learned to crack ‘gates early for the sea-fam. Got good – too good for a life with too much water and not enough neon. Made a killing borrowing info, then returning it for a finder’s fee. Not a lot of folks appreciated my art, ‘cept other artists. Didn’t care two bits either way. Remember overcooking myself on the Infocomp op, nearly got brainwiped pulling out with my payday. Remember running with DeadNode to get my feet wet when I first got back landside. Remember popping that stupid booster Chit in the leg when that job went south. Remember Kay-Lee almost icing me in the 'Net over the Dobson account, stuffing each other, then rebooting to find her gone...”

“Still remember Tab’s blood all over the walls of the rig. Wish whoever jacked me would have erased that one from my ‘drive. Ugh.”

“Was doing pretty max and making a solid rep. Just had to keep moving – stay one step ahead of the corpses. Had some close calls with some of the execs and their solos. Remember taking a big job, promise of a Christmas bundle if I could get in and out clean, enough for a new set of chrome kicks… then things start to get fuzzy.”

“Woke up face down in stale kibble. Couldn’t remember the last year of my life – but remembered that a ‘runner should always make backups. Kept a stash, just in-case something like this went down. Future’s disposable; always have a Plan B. Bank account’s been cleaned out. Can’t even chip in to pull some quick scratch on the corner. All I’ve got is what’s in my pocket, my emergency crap, my spare ‘deck, and a head full of questions. Just missing the answers now – and I’m gonna get em’. Gonna be hard to find out who tried to ice me when I can barely afford kibble. Besides, it’s not safe here. They know where I am. Might come back, finish rezzing me when they figure out I'm comin' for em'.”

“Need to find some jobs first. Keep moving. Get somewhere low-key. Think. See if I can track down Kay-Lee after a payday. Then I can read up on the choomba who took me to the minimum, deck in, and reconfig em’. They can bank on that.”


“Don’t forget. Remember. Remember.”
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Looks good. So I'm already getting ideas for the next adventure. The last thing you remember before everything went blank was responding to a job that offered upgrades for service. Who that may have been is completely wiped.
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Neat! If everything checks out I'll go ahead and make a new account. Can't wait to get started! Big Grin
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