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[OOC] Character Creation
Whatever. Tell them to go buy bottled. Wink
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Hard to shower with only bottled water.
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Ah, been there, done that. Prefer plumbing. The Marine Corps is light on luxuries in the field. You certainly learn to appreciate the little things like toilets when your only option starts with breaking out the shovel.
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If you haven't done so already, add your final backgrounds to your characters. I'm going to get you two new guys started up so you know what you're doing. What I need to know is if You haven't been out living on the streets of Night City, what have you been doing and what brings you there now.
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Well I am employed by a corporation as a low level security person. one of the ones that do not look like security. I just moved here as I was transfered to the Night City corp offices to help "Beef Up" security.
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Did we lose the rookies already?
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not sure?
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Still here.
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Got another one on the way.
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Working on my character sheet right now. Made a private detective character that specializes in finding Corporate employees that have been acquired by competing Corps or are thinking of having a change of heart.
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