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[OOC] Character Creation
Doing the math on your skills, it looked like you pretty much broke even on pick-up skills.
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Am I overstacking armor? I want to be pretty durable (can't help anyone if I'm dead), but I'm not sure how armors stack and whatnot.
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generally speaking, armor doesn't stack. There are complex optional rules to do so. Remember, normal people don't walk around in heavy armor. If anything, it's concealed. Now if the weather report is predicting a hail of gunfire, stack that shit!
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Ok, cause my current setup has sub dermal armor, skin weave, a Kevlar shirt, and a light armored jacket. I feel like I over complicated it and have on too many layers.
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You can stack within reason. The rules aren't totally realistic, otherwise it would take a mini-gun firing tacnukes to kill anything. The stacking rules are in the combat section. Basically your under layer loses some efficacy as well as increasing your penalty.
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I adjusted some of Akiko's items, dumped the cell phone and picked up a chip socket, any tips from anyone are welcome. I wasn't sure how in depth to go but I realized after katana mentioned body armor that I had none. I'm debating giving up one of the cyber legs and pistols to buy a motorcycle, but her injuries were pretty severe in my head. I want to get her a Mr. Studd eventually. If I dropped a leg I'd want to give her a few chip skills. I figure having the option to plug in different skills was mandatory for a hired gun. Or maybe I should dump the wolvers?

On another note, I watched Ghost in the Shell for the first time. Awesome movie, ready for Cyberpunk now Smile
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You should watch the TV shows and the other movies too.

As for cyber systems, loose the wolvers buy a knife. A chip socket is an okay investment but it has drawbacks.

Gonna be HUGELy bussy the next few days. major crisis at work has me working nearly round the clock.
MiB if you have time could you do me a favor and knock off my Skills you feel are too much of an advantage please? The repost my too or PM it to me.
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I was thinking the same, thanks @ Lillycat

I'll definitely keep an eye out for more Ghost in the Shell.
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I don't like messing with characters. I'm in no rush if you need a few days. Besides, I got two rooks I can warm up while you're busy.

I forgot to add an additional little tidbit. While pistols are perfectly legal to carry around, there are tight controls. Each pistol is coded to the buyer. Nobody else can use it. Black market 'unlocked' guns are 50% more. Old school pistols that fire cased ammo are exempt. We're almost capable of that in reality, and that level of control feels very Cyberpunk. Just another small piece of my attempt to modernize the setting a bit.
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Sounds cool and yeah. I am working every 2 hours around the clock, have to run in and fill a gas tank. its a PITA but needs to be done or no tap water for the town.
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