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[OOC] Character Creation
Most important part here is, does everyone have a copy of the book?  There is a lot of background material that you need to know.  Don't give up yet if you don't.  There are ways...

As far as characters go, you're going to start on the street.  Not all character types are going to fit.  If you're new, this isn't DnD.  You don't need to hang your head and cry if someone beats you to the class you want.  Each class has a unique skill, but none of them are critical.  All other skills can be learned by anyone.  If nobody has a critical skill, well there is a chip for that.  

Attributes are bought with points.  1-7 are point for point.  8-9 are 2 points.  10 is 3 points.  Why?  I have my reasons.  

You can do your Lifepath roll by roll or use http://www.moosh.net/cp2020/  Be honest.  Don't keep rolling to get what you want.  You're really missing the point if you do.  

Everything else is by the book.  If you need help, just ask.  Use whatever resources you have.  If I see something I think you shouldn't start with, I'll tell you directly.  Only common or everywhere availability to start.

I guess I should add that this will be set in Night City from the book. You heard that this is the place to go to make a name for yourself. Most of the big players made their start in Night City. When the game starts, you'll be taking a meeting for a small job with a decent pay out. Should be a cake walk.
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So Um MIB nice to see you have points for stats but how many points for the build standard roll or do you want to set an amount to make everyone more even keeled?
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Ummm No can do on that life path Japan characters get a different one from that site its only good for Americans. If you want the book let me know I have em all on PDF and since they are Out of print I know where you can get copies.
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Thinking of making a brawny Cop, or former Cop that hits the dive bars up because he likes the action. Or a crafty Fixer trying to survive. I need to brush up on the rules a little. Still, a martial artist Corporate guy seems awesome (been trained by the best money can buy). I get that Cyberpunk is sorta dark future like. I'm imagining Blade Runner / Escape From New York / Fith Element in style.

I messed around with the site just to see how it works. In one random roll I got, what I think, was some up-armored (metal gear?) behemoth that could lift 50, whatever that is, whose name was Hunter Krueger from Africa that wears miniskirts and striped hair! Lol! So needless to say I'm not sure yet how that all works or if I'm using the site correctly but that sure was funny Smile

This will take me a hot minute to sift through the character creation part. Any advice is welcome.

I read in the book we roll 9d10 for character points or we use a set number like 80 for Major Hero?
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Oops. Make that 70 points. Don't forget higher attributes cost more points.

Setting wise, the writer stated he got most of his inspiration from Blade Runner though I believe most think it was Neuromancer. If you haven't read Neuromancer by William Gibson, do it. You won't regret it. Also worth looking into for style and setting ideas: Ghost in the Shell, Bubblegum Crisis, Strange Days, Robocop, Dredd (the new one)...

Metal Gear is about the best armor money can buy. Walking around town in it is a surefire way of getting unwanted attention.

I'm going to put up another thread just to deal with setting. Maybe today. It's going to be a odd day at work for me. Some of the stuff needs a little modernizing.
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Just wanted to post something. This is DM Nerdred. I haven't fleshed out, er Cybered out all the details for Akiko but some "accident" or mission gone wrong left her almost dead. Now she's more cybernetic than flesh, favors guns over HtH, still loves her sister, etc. etc. Now I just have to make her and roll her background. I can't seem to find the time to sit down and go through the process. Oh, almost forgot, I'll go with the solo roll. Sound good?
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So I started rolling Akiko's life path using the Pacific Rim book.  Here are all her rolls Rolls

When I got Pu-Taro everything got confusing to me.  It says I can still roll for entry exams with a -1 but I'm not sure where to start.  It also said to use the life path system in the 2020 book.  I used the site Mib linked instead.  I filled in the information in Akiko's spoiler.  So my question is, can I / do I make an exam roll and go to school or advanced school?

Either way I'll start fleshing out the rest of her stats and skills following the 2020 book.

Oh, and I didn't roll the family stuff since that's already figured out.
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I have to dust off my Pacific Rim book. Never had anyone use it before. I got called in to work so I wasn't able to get to it like I had planned. Do what you can until I can find your answers.
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Hey, I'm trying to create my guy and I'm getting a little bit lost. I'm new to Cyberpunk and have a few questions.

I've started to make a med techie, is it important for me to be well rounded in all my career skills? I focused very heavily on just a few and was wondering how that would impact my play.

I also put all of my pick up skill points into stealth, evasion, disguise, and persuasion. Do I need to focus some of them on combat? When I gear out my character, will I be able to use weapons? I'm ok with being limited to a handgun, but I'm not sure how effective I will be. Just looking for some general advice as I have no frame of reference.
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Akiko You roll entry exam the year you enter school, if you make a pass you can stay in school till you graduate, You can take exams each year till you succeed. When you end a year after exams you can roll to graduate to the next grade.

These rolls are on top of any life path rolls, also do not forget to roll for your extra Pickup skill points limited to the school package.
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