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[IC] Finding Jack...
Brittany was shocked to see so few people. Was everyone hiding in the basement? Something really weird was going on here.
(09-12-2017, 09:26 AM)Brittany \Sylph' Norris Wrote: Brittany was shocked to see so few people.  Was everyone hiding in the basement?  Something really weird was going on here.
[OoC this IS the basement, but just like our mansion I suspect it goes deeper]
Ashley was still wondering how the little girl could see them.  Her invisibility wasn't fool proof but she acted like they were completely visible to her.  "Well... Where should we go first?  Maybe got talk to the other kid first?  If he hears us searching the place he may try to run away."
Since the cameras weren't working Johnny decided to call up some floor plans.  They must have something somewhere in their security network that gives details of guard location, rotations, schedules, or their fire detection and suppression systems. 

[OoC: If I need a roll I will use Karma.  Roll: 1d100+5=89 ]

While searching for this information, Johnny will follow the other students if they start exploring.
John shrugs and starts to walk over to Peter. "Maybe I could talk to Peter. See if he could help us out." John extends his control sphere, bringing Peter into its effect.

[[Emotion Control: Trust]]
Brittany shrugs invisibly. "It's a start. If we can get him to stop playing video games long enough."

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