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[IC] Finding Jack...
Demi shrugs at her question. "I guess. I don't really remember, and don't have a body anymore, so it's basically the same difference. Canker got his back though. Kindof. He's over there." She points across the medbay to a biohazard room. Then she registers Emma's other comment. "Mouse? Is Raven here?" She looks around for the shapeshifter, while waving Interface toward Emma.

[Image: 21723385813_70d64d9504_m.jpg]
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Johnny thinks to Aurum, whose thoughts were distant but still detectable, "Can you do something with this Muppet [Fool]?  You can order me around like a red headed step child but she can't."

"Sorry ta be interrupting ya beauty sleep but we have a bit of a conundrum," Johnny states to Emma.  "It appears that Jacky-boy has decided ta run off with his Mot [Girlfriend] Lisa to parts unknown.  But she has turned out to be a powerful mutant that kin affect time!  That's why Saleem looks like a wee boy.  Her powers seem ta have made her lose her mind!  It's like she's a totally different person!  So we need someone who kin use Cerebro ta help track them down.  I know you're a Specter of yer former self but we thought that perhaps you knew another way you could access Cerebro or if ya can't then maybe I kin figure out a way that you could use it in your current disembodied state."
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Emma yawns and pats her mouth with her hand.  "Do you think I care what the Scooby Gang are up to?  As for my Squirrel-Friend Jack -- Inside Joke -- he's always been a fool but perhaps he deserves more credit than I originally gave him.  He did finally run away from this shite-hole."

She gazes down at Saleem for a moment and then states, "I cannot use Cerebro in this state but why don't you use your brains for once.  Where would Jack run to if he needed to hide or have protection from X-men Juniors?  It would have to be a place that he was aware of and who hates everything about this school.  Now who has he encountered in the whole three months he has resided at the mansion that fits that description?"

While the old students wrack their brains Emma turns her attention to the newer students [Porsche and John) and says, "I don't believe we've met.  What sort of powers brought you to the mansion?" 

Bobby says, "You know the Professor is working on finding him.  You don't need Emma's help."
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"If I told you I was here on a dance scholarship, would you believe me?" Porsche replies with only a hint of sarcasm.

Then realizing she is talking to a telepath, who would likely know before she asked anyway. "I create heat."
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John grins at Porsche's initial response, nodding to himself.  Yep, that made sense.  Then he remembers that he was graciously asked a question by someone who could have just pulled it from his mind.

"Not totally certain what I can do.  Weird things tend to happen around me and lots of people seem to listen to me...do what I suggest."  He shrugs.  "That's about all I've got besides the obvious."  He ruffles his feathers at that.
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Johnny explains the following to the new people to catch them up to speed and for the old students to help him if he's forgotten something. 

Emma stated that Jack would want to hide with someone who knows about and likely dislikes the school but Johnny surmises that they would have to also be mutant friendly too because not everyone would be willing to hide a couple of mutants.  Furthermore Jack likely doesn't know about Lisa's time distortion jamming Cerebro's tracking ability.  So if he were with normal people like family or friends, he would know that the Professor would easily find him with Cerebro.  Then it would be a simple matter of the Professor mind freeze Jack and all the normal people then returning them all to the mansion.  Lisa might pose a problem but Johnny had confidence in the X-men to handle the situation.  So that leaves the super powered groups they have dealt with that Jack would be able to reach out to.  Since being at the mansion the students have encountered Nanny and Orphan maker, the Hellions, and Freedom Force.  [Are there any more?] 

Nanny and Orphan Maker were a couple of super powered foes who wore body armor.  Nanny, who looked like an giant egg, was obsessed with "rescuing" mutant children from their parents or guardians which almost always meant she murdered them.  She would then mind control the children into joining her Lost Boys and use them to recruit other children.

The Hellions are a group like us but they were trained by Emma Frost and lets just say she doesn't share the same dream of mutants and humans living together peacefully.  They seemed to think they were in some kind of competition with us and would cause trouble whenever we met.

Freedom Force is an on again, off again, government group.  We fought some of them in the Mall of America during a scientific exhibit showing off the new Sentinel Body Armor suit.  We were able to stop them but it resulted in the death of on of our students when she was struck by a stray bullet.

He looks at Demi/Aurum and Graffiti then says, "Did I forget anyone?"
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Graffiti shrugs.  "Didn't we briefly help Colossus at the art gallery against Mutant Force?  But I don't think they would take Jack and Lisa in unless maybe they could get them to join them.  I also don't believe they have any particular hatred towards the school."

"We could also have Blink pop by Jack's parents place, their pizzeria and a few of his old friends. A normal person might not want to put his friends and family in danger but this is Jack we're talking about. He tackled Gedeon and didn't seem to care that Saleem was baby-fied."
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Interface feels Roslyn's smile in his mind.
Mindspeak to Interface: ~Well, at least she seems to think you should be in charge. That's quite the compliment.

[Image: 21723385813_70d64d9504_m.jpg]
Oblivious to the conversation going on in her head, Gloom glances at Interface. "Sounds about right to me, I guess. Who knows where the Hellions moved to after we got ganked, though... Didn't we also have some contact with the Morlocks, as well?"
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(03-22-2017, 01:38 PM)Aurum Wrote: [Image: 21723385813_70d64d9504_m.jpg]
Oblivious to the conversation going on in her head, Gloom glances at Interface. "Sounds about right to me, I guess. Who knows where the Hellions moved to after we got ganked, though... Didn't we also have some contact with the Morlocks, as well?"

[OoC just an FYI that font colour is almost impossible to read on the site with teh site's background colour ^^^]
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Emma listens to the conversations.

To Porsche and Johnny she replies, "Both powers are interesting.  If you ever want to learn what you can really do, look me up when I'm finally awake.  The Professor won't teach you anything.  At least not any time soon.  He likes to allow his students to advance at their power's natural pace.  I however like to push the pupil to excel.  You don't rise above the fodder by being careful!  Do you think the top Athletes don't push themselves and beyond their normal limits?"

"You can stop now, Emma," Bobby interrupts.  "We X-men, under the Professor's instruction, have kicked your butt more times than I can count.  And remember the last time you convinced a couple of students to leave and join you?  One ended up in a coma and the other, a disembodied shadow.  Neither have recovered fully but at least one got his body back, right?"

Emma tilts her head slightly.  "Brave boy while I'm unconscious..."

Then turning back to the Older student's discussion.  "Yes, where would the Hellions be?  When we were attacked, we were in a Manhattan Hellfire Club penthouse.  Not much left of it I'm afraid.  And even if it weren't destroyed, Jack wouldn't know where our Manhattan Headquarters were located.  In fact most of the Hellions never stepped foot in the headquarters until that night.  Only a few of them had any kind of wealth that would be useful to the Hellfire's Club.  The rest would have had to wait until they graduated from the Academy."
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