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[IC] Finding Benjamin
James looks to Malcolm, needing a little bit of confidence in the dark wet sewers, even though Malcolm was much smaller than him and stammered when he spoke.  Malcolm seemed to be more comfortable with his mutant power and displayed an inner strength.  Leave it to fate that the fat kid and skinny kid get paired together... "Ok. Is that alright with you Malcolm."
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"Uh.. Ok.k.kay"
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A teen with greenish skin slowly walks into your view.  Her long dark green, almost black, hair covers her face and she wears  

You see a petite, slender, young woman step into view at the end of the tunnel.  Her long dark green hair, that's almost black covers her features and hangs well past her shoulders.  She wears a cat suit that is the exact same color as her hair that hugs her body tightly.

"I'm Belladonna..."

[Image: cd60dce1a9d979d33070f799c6daae77.png]
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"Hi, uh, nice to meet you." James says sheepishly as he adjusts his glasses.  "I'm Ja-- uh Bellows. Yes that's me. Bellows.  Because that's like my mutant power thing...."  Egads! You sound like an idiot! You're blowing it, you're blowing it! 
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"I'm M.malc.content." says the younger boy. ""W.we'll fol.low.y.you."
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Belladonna slowly turns and slips out of site from the "T" intersection.  [You both are at the bottom of the T while she walks west from the intersection] 
While you're deciding to follow, your friends will ask if this is a smart thing to do?  They could be leading you into a trap?  What if Ben is dead?  Maybe she's going to turn you into sewer people, ever thought of that?
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James had been wondering the same thing all day, is this a smart thing to do?  Here they were, and they haven't died yet.  James looks down at his legs and shoes.  "I think I am already starting to turn into one... of those sewer people."  He whispered the last bit.  James let out a heavy sigh causing a minor gust, I should be careful with those he thought. "Well we didn't come all this way just to turn back now.  If we get into trouble you guys will come rescue us right?"
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"Th.they w.will.." Then he looks hesitant.. "R.right?"

After all, James and he were the 'new kids', he had only arrived at teh school a few days before, so much had happened it was easy to forget that.
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The lack of response from the older kids makes him pause..."R.r.right??"
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