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[IC] Finding Benjamin
[OoC:  Because my work is having a Ministry Audit on April 10th, work has been going crazy with the, 'What needs to be done,' memos.  When I got home this morning I was so happy to have a couple days off but then I received a group text stating that all Policies and Training has to be done by noon on friday.   Dodgy  I have my training done but I still have a few policies to read.  Hopefully I'll have it all done so I can post sometime Thursday. ]
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Unfortunately I received some bad news.  My sister has passed away.  This wasn't really a surprise and I had kind of made peace with the fact it was going to happen a while ago but it's still shocking when you get the news.  Because of the Audit, the posting has been slow for this game.  I hope to post an update to this game in the morning.  I'm not sure how posting will be for the next week as the plans for the service haven't been worked out.
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*hugs if you want them*
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(04-13-2017, 11:05 PM)Katrina Wrote: *hugs if you want them*

Thank you.  I just buried my brother and brother-in-law not too long ago too.  All these deaths are really taking its toll.   Sad
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(03-31-2017, 05:14 PM)James Carter Wrote: [OoC: I had to look up the rules for Power Stunts and I didn't have time this morning.  By declaring to use the power in a way not fully intended (blowing=blinding?) thats 100 Karma +10 for saying I'm spending Karma +89 to affect the die roll to make it RED, since James has never used this stunt before.  That's 199 Karma correct?]

[OoC: When students declare they want to use karma they must spend 5 points instead of 10 points and you must include that 5pts in your dice roll.  For example, lets say you need at least a roll of 60.  You would type into the dice roller [1d100+5] and then you make your roll.   If you were to roll a 40 then you would pay 20 pts of Karma.  If you were to roll 70 you would still pay 5 pts of karma even though you didn't need to use it.  

Power Stunts:  Every time you want to create a power stunt it automatically costs you 100 karma.  When you try the Power Stunt the first time you need a RED result.  The next THREE times you need a YELLOW result.  Then the last 6 times you need a GREEN result.  Once you've succeeded 10 times you may use the stunt whenever you wish.  This is actually a lot cheaper then just buying the power outright.  The reason it's so much cheaper is because you are learning to use the power in game as opposed to the power just suddenly appearing.  You may of course use Karma for these Feat rolls by following the rules for Declaring Karma I mentioned above.

A Red Feat roll for a Remarkable Power requires a roll of at least 95.  Using your roll of 12 (95-12=83) will cost you a total karma of 100 (base) + 83 = 183 karma.  Are you okay with this?  If you are, you will only need a Yellow (66) the next 3 times. ]
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(03-31-2017, 12:00 AM)Katrina Wrote: "I guess I could do that." She looks uncertain. There's something dubious about earthquakes having an obvious direction without a rather large amount of damage. But she is willing to give it a try. She peeks out of the alley and looks up and down the street for a relatively clear area. "Kay, I'll take that way."

Concentrating, the cracks begin forming again in her skin.

Geoforce - Remarkable [1d100] = 94

[OoC: Just so you are aware, there is a Power Stunt for Earthquake too that does damage in a large area.  But I'm assuming you're just shifting the ground slightly back and forth in an area, just enough to give them a scare but not enough to actually do any local damage.]

Katrina focuses in one direction while James takes a deep breath and turns to face the opposite direction.  Slowly the area begins to rattle and gently shake.  At first the people on the street don't seem to notice.  She then concentrates a bit harder.  The pedestrians start looking around and some even grab hold of the walls of buildings.  Concentrating even harder causes car alarms to start shrieking.  At this point James lets loose his breath in the other direction...
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[OoC sorry to hear about your sister, let me know how things are going, if you need any help I will do everything I can]

Malcolm pretends to staggerbn against the wind or ground shaking (whichever is in the area he is in, I forget), and move to the sidewalk directly adjacent to the manhole cover. Looking back and forth for as soon as no one is looking he wille xtend his hand and gently lift the cover just enough to clear the road and move it sideways. [not waving it in the air to attract attention lol]

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At Malcolm's signal, Gedeon rushes out into the street, keeping low. She slips into the manhole.
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(04-14-2017, 06:42 PM)Malcontent Wrote: [OoC sorry to hear about your sister, let me know how things are going, if you need any help I will do everything I can]

[OoC: Thank you.]

[OoC2: If I don't hear from James by tomorrow morning whether he wants to spend the Karma, I am going to assume he is alright with spending the karma and continue moving along.]
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OoC Sorry, Easter weekend has been busy for me. Spent the last couple of days cleaning the bejesus out of my house to host family, they come, they make mess, they leave. I have to clean the house again just to get it back to normal.

- James will spend the karma. I will annotate it in my character sheet.

James huffs, then he puffs, then he blows down the street with a steady supply of air and waits for his new friends to go down the man-hole before he joins them in the sewer after blinding the poor pedestrians walking about. (I wrote that long so you'd be outa breath just reading itWink )
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