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[IC] Chapter 2-1b: Was It a Dream? (Merri)
Merrinna learns that she was dead for about a day, her body preserved intact by Pelor's divine power-- and the fact that the party destroyed all roaming spectres in the vicinity. Once they got back, High Priest Eiron Silvercrest returned her from the dead but kept her in a healing coma. She spent the night with Irildë Goldenhair, the arcane mistress of the council. What the mistress did to her, Maul had no clues.

By the time Maul gets to this point in the story, they eventually reach the City Hall. The guards let Maul and Merri pass.
"Wait here, the others will come soon. Many new faces." the priest says, indicating the same courtyard where they arrived and first met Geddin-- apart from that performance with the holographic apparition.
Memories rush the elf as she spots two figures just leaving the place as she is left alone. Fancy hat and a lute is carried by one; the hood of a worn cloak is pulled deep into the eyes of the other.

(chapter closed, please join with the others in Chapter 2-2)

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