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[IC] Chapter 2-1b: Was It a Dream? (Merri)
Kelna averts her eyes as she answers.
"They serve that fancy adventurer guild from late autumn to early spring. Stableboy and handmaiden. Or so they say. Them thinking good pay worth more than time with the girls of theirs. But at least they have more time with this grandma of theirs." she finishes, stabbing her chest with her stubby thumb, a sad smile on her face, but still looking away. Eventually, she gets back to preparing the ingredients for lunch. Apparently busy beyond embarrassment, she answers the other question as well, as if nothing happened.

"This is the Grand Church of Pelor's, and you are in the kitchen. High Priest Eiron Silvercrest is on command when he's not in the City Council. But we get to see the others more frequently. I heard you know Maul. How do you feel about that old geezer?"
"The human world is a tough one. I have been told that your people tend to work hard and sacrifice much for your children." Elven philosophy on life was much different than humanity's. Many theorized the vast difference in life span had much to do with it. She understood the mechanics of human economy, but still did not understand the why. "I am sure that you felt no different when you were raising your daughter. It takes years and experience to gain proper perspective, if ever." Another tenet of Elven philosophy on humans was the possibility that they just came and went to quickly to grow and mature as a race. It was sad, really. Their innate ambition gave them much promise. Though if they lived much longer, would they still feel that burning drive?

Pelor? At least that was a familiar deity. She couldn't be too far from her known realms. "Maul? I honestly cannot say much. Our time together has been brief." It barely amounted to passing by and giving friendly nods in her life span. "I have been..." She struggled to say the word as the blackness tried to fill her again. "Dead. I know not how long. He seems solid and reliable enough."
Kelna feels uncomfortably in Merri's overshadowing intellect and meekly forgoes reminding the elf that she had a son and not a daughter. But finally she responds after all.

"Solid like the rock he's made of," she smiles, apparently referring to his rough hewn attitude.

Tapatalkkal küldve az én ALE-L21 eszközömről
Perhaps it was time for her to leave. The woman seemed to be growing uncomfortable with Merri's topic of conversation. "Thank you for your time. I will leave you to your business now." Merri grabs her things and moves off in the direction of the children and halfling. She had no idea where to go, but this direction was as good as any.
Kelna mumbles something that may have been some kind of farewell.

Merri enters the confined square of well tended garden, a sickeningly sweet mixture of various spice filling the warm summer morning air. She can see Pippin disappearing through another door. The girls are nowhere to be seen.
Merrinna enters the small garden and immediately feels at peace. She had been stuck in caves and dark places for too long. This would be a good place to meditate and find some balance again. She looks for a good spot to sit and enjoy the garden.
Time passes and after a few minutes Pippin appears in the same door where he disappeared. This time, he wears loose linen clothing and a leather apron with many pockets, knife handles and other kitchen tools poking outside. He stops gathering some fresh herbs and spice with a pair of scissors when he spots the elf. He sends her a shy but friendly nod,
and then quickly finishes collecting the spice and hurries on, into the kitchen.
Merri settles into some soft grass and starts to relax. The high collar of her dress begins to feel restricting, so she reaches up to release the catches and unbuttons around her throat. Feeling more at ease, she retrieves her spellbook and begins to study.

Merri looks up from her studies as Pippin strolls through. She returns his nod with one of her own and returns to her studies.
Just about half an hour before the meeting is due, Maul appears in the garden, looking around. As he spots Merri his face curls into a smile, rather uncharacteristic for him. Stepping up to her, he says,

"Glad you are back to nature after those damp halls."
Just in a blink of an eye, though, he's back to his grumpy self.
"Now is time for the council meeting. Follow me."

He leaves, looking back from the door to ensure that Merri followed.
"So soon? Oh, no telling how long I was out. Can you tell me?" She quickly gathers her things and chases after Maul.

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