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[IC] Chapter 2-1: Falter and Scream
Portho wakes with a start. 

He sniffs the air and cocks his head and his eyes widen with fright.. [Listen +6]
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All is calm and the air feels clear and crisp. Everyone feels exhausted as if you hadn't slept more than a few minutes.
Time crawls on legs of lead and the bell of the nearby temple rings once.
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SG is walking around muttering and looking for some food to eat and to drink few gulps. Then continues sleeping.
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Eventually the exhaustion overcomes even the most scared ones and everyone falls back asleep. By the time you awake the sun is already well on its way to the zenith. Soon enough, a quick rap is heard on the door then a guard enters, followed by two servants who brought warm water to refill the washbasins; chilled water to sate your thirst; clean linen sheets and a basket of fresh bread.

Without looking around, they leave, apparently stiff from the frightening vision of golem, bear and a bouquet of selected ugliness that makes up half the party.
Before closing the door, the guard tells whoever's closest to the door,
"You have an hour before we are to escort you to the Council."
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(03-09-2017, 12:44 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: Before closing the door, the guard tells whoever's closest to the door,
"You have an hour before we are to escort you to the Council."

What again?! - he wakes up
SG is walking around muttering and looking for some food to eat and to drink few gulps. Then he continues snoring until we leave this room.
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It was at these time Lugar wished he wasn't immune to his own Drow poison... He thought about offering a prick or two of the poison to his fellow bunk mates if they really wanted sleep, but he couldn't decide what to charge for the service.  Sleep finally overtook him.... Awakening to a series of knocks on the door, the dark dwarf finally understood why his kind took these people as slaves, so they could get some bloody sleep!  "Grrr, this damn sun!  Someone close the curtains, the light is giving me a headache!" He snaps at the servants bringing linens for his bed.  Lugar gets up and heads straight for the cold water.  He takes a swig for his dry throat then splashes the rest on his face.  "Ahh that's better."  He says, finally waking up.  Lugar finds a towel to dry off and wipe up the mess on his bare grey chest, and notices the look of horror on the servant's faces as they stare at him.  He just grunts. ~ They wouldn't survive a day in the Underdark ~

Lugar looks at his own tattoos scribed up his arms, over his shoulders, and across his chest.  Although he couldn't see the ones on his back he could still feel them even to this day.  The artwork wasn't for pleasure, no, they were a mark of an outcast among Duergar, a criminal, and those tattoos were meant for torture.  Every mark was slowly and painfully hammered into his grey skin and he writhed in agony with every blow.  Lugar finds his armor and dons it, still stinking of yesterdays adventure.  He gathered his poisons, his trusty war pick, and belt.  ~I'll leave the rest here for now. Where's that big burly half-human? I bet he'll share a drink of ale with me.~
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(Break in continuity)

One of the servants reluctantly stumble over a sea of adventurer gear to get to the windows just an arm's length away from the duergar and pulls the curtain just enough to get Lugar shaded.

Tapatalkkal küldve az én ALE-L21 eszközömről
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Toot woke up with a start and in a blink of an eye he's gone.  As everyone is getting up to see what the commotion was about, Toot peeks out from under Boo's tail.  Whatever it was that woke Toot had quite literally scared the shit out of him.  While fighting the weight of Boo's tail, Toot slowly stumbles to his feet.  Boo groans and look back at his companion fumbling around his butt hole.  He hoped this wasn't like the last time when Toot got stuck up there.  It took an hour of Boo rubbing his backside on a rough log to get him unstuck. 

Unlike the others, Toot doesn't go running toward the danger.  He stays put and watches everyone while carefully scooping a handful the sticky mess out of his breeches before flicking it onto the ground.  Toot squeaks something about needing more fiber then asks, "Wha... What's going on?" Eventually, when Toot's sure there's no danger he settles down enough to go back to sleep. 

Toot is startled awake again by a knock on the door.  "By the nature's spirits, does no one believe in sleeping?"  But when he sees the servants bring him warm water to refill the washbasins; chilled water to sate his thirst; clean linen sheets and a basket of fresh bread, his face brightens.  "What this, royal service?  Me no treated to royal service before."  Toot suddenly hops to his feet, runs down Boo's back and straight for the basket of bread. He's about to grab a loaf that's as big as he is when he spots one of the servants staring at him and his soiled hands from the night before, with a horrified expression.  Toot sheepishly pauses for a moment then jumps off the table and scurries over to the wash basin.  He then turns his head away like he's expecting to get bit and carefully dabs the palms of his tiny hands into the warm water.  With a look of surprise that the water didn't hurt him, Toot then reaches over and wipes his hands on the clean linen.  Once the crisp white linens look more like a toddler's finger painting, Toot trots happily back to his bread and begins to chow down.
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Ooc- Could not stop laughing Smile

Lugar looks spots something dark and brown moving under the backside of the bear and his face turns to disgust. ~ There's a place for doing that~ He is thinking, then sees that the bear is pooping in the house. Wait, no it's Toot! ~ Did he? Is that shit on its hands? It is!~ Lugar was about to grab a piece of bread but he stopped in his tracks as he watches Toot. At first even he is shocked but seeing the looks on the human's faces makes him crack a smile. Slow rumbles of barely contained laughter spout forth from the Grey Dwarf. His shoulders rise up to his ears as he stifles giggles like a little kid.
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Torin goes with the others to the mansion. Where he asks:
- Anybody needs some healing magic?

(03-02-2017, 12:12 PM)Silent Giant Wrote: Yeah, finally, it's time to eat and drink something. I think so.
He joins to SG. That a good point. Let's start with some pálinka  and after continue with the real men's food - with some good dwarven beer.


- It was a terrible night. I won't drink more pálinka in today. Tongue
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