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MiB's Rules
The Golden Rule is in effect here.  No, not 'do unto others before they can do unto you.'   Tongue  Treat everyone with the same respect you expect from others.  Remember, emotion can be hard to convey in short posts.  Don't assume, ask!  Don't be afraid to play your character.  Unless your character theme is 'total dick.'  Don't do that.   Wink  Don't take what someone posts in character personally.  Don't let your feelings about someone's character color your perception of the player.  Recognize that all of us have character quirks that annoy someone out there when you're feeling really annoyed by someone else's.  Some may be rolling your eyes, but I've seen it all.  I'll come off my soap box now.   Big Grin

To help keep things moving, I'll roll initiative for everyone to get combat started right away.  If you know what you're going to do in your turn, post it!  No need to wait.  You may post if/then just in case.  Don't get too complicated.  "If orc 1 moves there, then I'll eat the magic bean burrito.  Otherwise, I'll continue pimp-slapping the kobold."  If you post early and someone does something that drastically changes what you want to do, post it!  

If you are feeling iffy about your time, tell me and I will make sure your PC acts.  You can even give me a group of rolls to use if you like.

Don't cheat.  It ruins the game for everyone else.  If you don't believe me, just think of all the invincible flying asshats messing up multiplayer in Call of Duty and others.  If you're that person, you're an asshat for ruining everyone elses' experience.  I don't expect to see any asshats here.  Everyone appears to be a mature adult so far.

Dice rolling...  Still thinking...

If you think I am misinterpreting a rule, feel free to bring it up with me. I've been wrong before. Just don't expect me to agree with you and change to suit your interpretation, but I'm still happy to discuss it. I like talking about rules. I know, I'm weird. If I feel the need to change a rule, I will make sure you know that I am doing so and attempt to explain why.
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Have you considered running the game on Paizo's boards? They have dice rolling ability as an html code that reads like this:

Also, how do you do spoilers on this site?
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Same as paizo but you cant add the =<text>  Dice roller seems to be in the works so I'm guessing we're either using the suggested site for it or honor system?
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My usual dice roller site that I use in games here is http://www.unseenservant.com, but I will use whatever dice roller that MiB prefers.
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Use whatever die roller as long as it is trackable.
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(02-27-2017, 10:55 PM)Man in Black Wrote: Use whatever die roller as long as it is trackable.

Looking at the Unseen Servant site, I was able to load in all of Kayla's common rolls as macros - attack and damage rolls, skill checks, and saving throws! This way I already have everything pre-loaded with text and I can just roll it and copy the link on to this site =)

For example:
Attack [1d20+2] = 18+2 = 20, for [1d6+2] = 3+2 = 5 damage (plus [1d6] = 2 Sneak damage)
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Nice. I'll have to check it out.
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