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So can I say I love the dialogue and interactions? I know I haven't been contributing much - I'm usually a once-a-day poster. However, I'm looking forward to my cheery and light-hearted rogue pestering the dour dwarf...Kayla appreciates someone who will remove obstacles AND let her keep the shiny things along the way!
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Right! And just to be super clear, I've been using this OOC board as an opportunity to test out, purely for fun, how Ursk might dialogue with people. I've assumed that was self-evident from the OOC prefix on this subforum and that I was just playin around but if not...yeah, I'm assuming Ursk hasn't met any of you yet and this is all just shooting the sh--.

Going forward, you'll likely know very clearly if I'm speaking in character or out of character. If it's an in character board, I'll mark it off as OOC. If it's an OOC board, it's strictly OOC and I'm just having fun. If it's not clear, ask me. Happy to clarify.

But I do see Ursk as VERY dour but I think I am going to try to levin that with (from Ursk's perspective) unintentional humor (e.g. Blood in the codpiece).. I mean...he was a slave and still sees himself as a slave. He doesn't much hate anyone unless they're Technic League. He's just being very very, blunt (charisma of 7)!
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I think I'm going to establish Chrome as having been here for a couple years. I never intended for him to be a drifter, but rather here for the sake of long-term study. A simple residence, (while i envision him as somewhat from a noble family, he didn't bring a fortune nor intend to) and a few NPCs he might know. Specifically Selantha Olandir
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@ Eva -- how obvious is it that Eva is an android?
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(02-26-2017, 12:00 PM)Ursk Wrote: @ Eva -- how obvious is it that Eva is an android?

Glowing lines across her skin. Any good look at her eyes or face will give it away.

Or Taking 10 is a 9 Disguise not including modifiers for different race and whatever else, if you want to do that instead.
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Cool. Thanks. Time for me to do some thinking about how Ursk is going to process this.
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Kayls is a resident of Torch - lived there all of her life. She has explored several ancient sites around the area, but she keeps coming back to this place. Most folks know her, as she has sold several gadgets from her expeditions around town. She spends most of her time at the Foundry Tavern, and lives in or around the Warehouse District.

She avoids the Silverdisk Hall as much as possible...something about a bad experience before...
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Weyna and her family was probably in Torch once a year, growing up, for about week or so, to resupply. Her parents weren't with them anymore after age 10. When her family came by last year, she wasn't with them. If anyone asked, her family would have mentioned some kind of quest.
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Reawyn may have been through Torch once or twice before as part of a Varisian merchant caravan, his clan. They specialized in trading whatever they could get their hands on, and for Reawyn that has led to a curiosity about the alchemical applications of this strange technology that they keep finding scattered around various ruins in Numeria that his clan has explored.
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@Reawyn -- totally up to you and the GM how you want to handle it but even though your sense Motive was only an 11, you still beat my bluff by 10. And I'm not even really, metagame wise, trying to hide anything. Just playing to my stats (with maybe a little bit of ham thrown into the air).
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