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Cyberpunk 2020 or Pathfinder?
I'm ok if you're ok.
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(03-17-2017, 05:04 AM)Lillycat Wrote: Okay so good news We can do the double dragon thing, Do you need the Pacific rim book for the Nindo Career package and the schooling and what not? My Character got hired as a Corp Ninja out of University after failing entrance exams for Graduate School.  Shes a Phys ed Major, Allowed her to boost ninjitsu and may other important skills.

Family known
1 Younger Bother that hates her
1 older Sister that likes her
1 older bother that likes her
1 Twin sister that loves/ Hero-Worships her (Suggest you take her)

The family was Corp Management, They Lost everything through mismanagement.
If MIB Allows you to play my Twin i have no problem with it and take a gander at her character sheet.

I'm okay with twin sister.  Would we both be Ninja but with different styles and specialties?  Maybe I could make her more cybernetic. Just brain storming.
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You need to read the pacific Rim handbook, Ninja do not do cyberwear at all, unless required for a mission then they get it removed after. If you want i can even PM a link to the PDF of the book.

Keep in mind Nindo and Ninjitsu stack for a to hit and Damage bonus when we are in assassin mode, Still get the Ninjitsu bonus damage in HTH always.
She does not have to even be a ninja she could be clan support personnel such as a Medtechie or Techie, or perhaps a Rocker Girl (Japanese Idol/Model). Not Saying do not do the ninja Thing but if you do so do it right, She could be a melee weapons specialist or ninja archer, I specialized in HTH.
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The game will be kicking off real soon. If you want in on the beginning, now is the time. I generally allow players to join after the start if you're a late-comer.
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I would definitely be interested in both imo. CyberPunk 2020 piqued my rest because it would be my first run. Excited to see how it goes.
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There is still room if anyone is interested. Just go on down to the cyberpunk thread and see how to get started.
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