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Cyberpunk 2020 or Pathfinder?
I trust you, Ney. I've known you for a good long time now. Psychic is fine.
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Big Grin

It kinda reminds me of the Mind Melters in Rifts.... Or the Meta-Minds in D&D... Basically a bunch of built in Meta Feats...
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@Man in Black what are your thoughts on the Gunslinger class?  I've never played one but I thought it might fit very well in a game with technology.
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Alchemist, Psychic and Gunslinger seem like a really good thematic fit... steampunk party
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I just noticed that there is a Bolt Ace archtype that uses Crossbows instead of Guns.  So I could go with that instead of the DM having to introduce Black Powder into the game.  Crossbows are also cheaper and quieter.
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MiB, are you still looking for players for this? I followed over from the Paizo forums. I was going to submit a ratfolk gunslinger, but looks like Toot has already called dibs on that class.

@ Toot: It's a lot of fun, BTW. Can seem grossly OP when you manage to get a critical hit, but the misfires are a pain. Highly recommend it as a change of pace if you haven't done one before. Requires a lot of paperwork, but not a problem for PbP.
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Pathfinder character - Background

The young psychic, Weyna, was born to a large family of nomads that traveled the plains of Numeria. Surprisingly, her mother is actually from Ustalav. Her parents expected great things from her, at an early age. Alas, they were killed in the barbarian wars of Numeria when she was 10, and she went on with her two grandparents, aunt, and older brother. Her family got by hunting for what food they needed, and selling excess pelts, and she learned the skills required to continue that.

When she was 15, she befriended a kobold, who became a loyal friend and joined the nomad family.

At 17, she began hearing voices, speaking of a golden goddess. Driving by the voices, she left her family (with her kobold friend) to seek out more about this goddess, and on the borders of Numeria, she met a priest of Sarenrae. She became a devout follower of the Dawnflower, and through her faith, her psychic abilities began manifesting. After a year of training, she returned to Numeria to begin her travels once again

Personality: Weyna is at once naive and worldly. A nomadic life in Numeria is a harsh one, but she somehow continues to try to ease the burdens of others. She is a loving friend, confident in herself, and well-mannered, if a emotional at times. She keeps only those possessions that are required for survival.

Skills/Role: Her travels and studies have taught her much, and she is a veritable treasure-trove of (sometimes useless) facts, which she will family tell you all about. She is also an avid hunter, good at surviving in the wilderness, and can cook a mean rabbit. Her primary function in the group will be healing and otherwise keeping everyone alive.

Ties to Iron Gods Campaign: Stargazer. A childhood spent often sleeping under the stars, she became fascinated by them. Even more so when her grandfather began telling tales of sky-rocks, and beings from the sky. Her religious practice has further strengthened the desire to learn all she can about aliens. They come from beyond the sun.

((Feel free to do whatever you want with the random kobold NPC. Keep her around, or say she was killed. I just decided that Weyna's best friend growing up would be... unconventional, in keeping with her optimism.))
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Gunpowder is cool with me, Toot.

Welcome aboard, Snowheart. Go ahead and throw out your concepts. I'll try and take in everyone I can, even if I have to run 2 groups separately.

The new thread is up. All you Iron Gods folks head on over. All you edgerunners stick around for more cyberpunk news.

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I have an idea for a Wizard that I've dubbed the "Clockmaker" that I'll submit soon but, I had a couple of questions first: How likely is the party to have time for crafting? The reason I ask is that I like the idea of taking levels in the PrC Technomancer but, the class is very much geared towards crafting technological equipment.

The second question is how do you feel about the Instructor Archetype for Wizards.
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I have to say no to the cohort. I can't say how much crafting time you'll have. I haven't gone past the first book in the PA. I'm sure there will be downtime between books, if you're really wanting to give it a go.
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