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Cyberpunk 2020 or Pathfinder?
Pathfinder Stuff

I just went through the Gods & Magic book and took stock of gods that Numeria is considered a Center of worship for, since a region's religion can tell you a lot about the region.

There were only three (probably because the population is comparatively sparse).

Desna - Goddess of dreams, stars, travelers, and luck

Gorum - God of strength, battle, and weapons

Nethys - God of magic
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A little more confident in my Pathfinder knowledge, Having reasd the Iron Kingodoms Player Guide I went ahead and created my hopeful character.

Right now the sheet is a PDF exported to my Onedrive - you can view it here: A human Alchemist - https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjFiKq8nYxnYgvxzuZPZe9N8VQD-PQ and I will get it transferred to a myth-weavers sheet later if you approve of the character.

I stuck to 20 point buy, average starting wealth and no 3rd party content. Just Paizo sources from d20pfsrd.com.
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Should we maybe get an idea of what people want to play?  Just so we get a diverse group classes?

Neylana were you thinking of making some kind of priest?
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That's why I jumped and made my character quick. Big Grin I wanted dibs on alchemist, I've never gotten to play one, only DM to em. Note the alchemist I have built is mostly a skill monkey, with both disable device (trapfinding) and healing abilities. H ewould not be suitable as a core healer of course, as his main healing is creating curing potions, which costs $$$$. 25gp every time he wants to do a cure light basically.
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Actually, my first idea was an Occultist from Occult Adventures. But then I realized that some GMs really hate powers that reveal the truth/plot. Psychometry can be troublesome for sustaining mystery. On the other hand, using something like psychometry on space junk could be a VERY BAD idea, which, of course, the character wouldn't know until they try it.

So... My second idea is an Inquisitor with the Sun domain.
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So is Cyberpunk 2020 off the table?
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Cyberpunk is not off the table. It's just going to wait a couple of weeks while I get Pathfinder off the ground and running. I want to run some Cyberpunk too badly to give up on the idea. So please stay tuned for further developments. If I have the players, I'll at least put up a thread for everyone to work on characters and such.

Ney, I have been reading up on the occultist. It sure is a busy class. Trying to read space junk will probably raise more questions than answers, but it won't specifically cause any madness. Now if you used it in my old game specifically about madness, you would be running naked in the streets of Baldur's Gate, screaming nonsensically. Big Grin If it's something you want to try, I feel I am a competent enough GM to straddle that line between giving clues and giving away the game. And eventually, yes, madness will be coming back to Baldur's Gate after I finish my rewrite of the adventure.

I will be putting up a game space for you guys to talk characters sometime today. In the meantime, think more about the character concept. Where does he/she fit into the party? What areas will they cover (dishing out damage, trap-springing, leadership, etc)? What are their defining personality traits? What put them on the path of adventuring?
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Let me look at the other Occult classes to see if there's one that makes a good healer. If not, I will probably turn the Inquisitor idea into a cleric and go with that.
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I don't have any opposition to Cyberpunk, it sounds interesting in fact. I jst can't afford to buy the rulebook on drivethrurpg at the moment. Groceries take precedence.
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It looks like the Occult classes Psychic and Spiritualist both have healing capabilities.

I'm thinking of going with Psychic, using the Faith Discipline, unless MiB dubs Psychic as too busy/complicated. In which case, I'll go Spiritualist.
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