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[IC] Chapter 1-10: Crypt of Hate
(02-02-2017, 09:31 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: "Do you consider yourself unliving or feel like attacking me?" the armorer replies with a hint of hard feelings in his voice. "Guess better aid the others instead of trying to protect your sorry butt from nonexistent harm."

As I said these commands are good for me until you don't change them.
"Before we go back up.."

Portho pulls out his curing wand and spends a few charges to restore some health, realising that neither of the healing spellcasters seemed able to bestow healing.

[Wand - Cure Light Wounds [1d8+1] = 1+1 = 2]
[Wand - Cure Light Wounds [1d8+1] = 6+1 = 7]
[Wand - Cure Light Wounds [1d8+1] = 7+1 = 8]
[Wand - Cure Light Wounds [1d8+1] = 7+1 = 8]

Finally restoring himself to health.

"Okay, now I am ready. If someone is willing to give me a lift across that water. It is abit deep for one of my stature."
OOC - assume you are as much ready as you'd be in the next few days so I'm propelling things forward. Continued in next chapter.

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