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[IC] Chapter 1-9: Circle of Hate
ooc - Is there some source of light or there was darkness until we climb up? If there was some light it must be human wizard, etc. not a vampire.
Just the dim emanation of the circle above, plus a torch Murkatos took for his sole benefit.

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When Toot gets close to the top, he climbs off Boo (5' step to avoid AoO) and orders Boo to either:

1) Go into Total Defense (+4 dodge bonus) and then step in front of him.
[AC: 15base+3 barkskin +4 Total Defense = 22]
or if the Skeleton can't get an AoO on Boo...
2) Claw attack the Skeleton to the south of Giant.
[Attack: +8 (+1song)= 18; Damage: 1d4+5+1(song)=7 ]

The elemental will take a 5' step north to flank Giant's Skeleton. 
[Attack: +10 (+7base+1song+2flank)= 30!! (Rolled a 20!!  Big Grin Too bad they are undead.   Dodgy ]
[Damage: 1d6+7= 10 damage]

[Toot will use Boo's size to help him hide from sight and begin casting SNA4. ]
(11-05-2016, 08:05 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: Noted but you guys come in the order I listed, so please just mark your moves (as I did for you now) and do not move until it's truly your turn. Also note that the bastard moved towards SW so he'd actually leave grease with 5ft step if you put it there...

in that cas ehe will put the grease a little closer.. the idea is to put the grease spell in such a spot that the villian (priest/wizard/lich..whatever he is) is in the square closes to us, so that retreating means moving furrtgher into the grease.   And from your post just before I thought it was my turn? Diod I go ourt of order?
Torin steps 5 feet to SW. His spiritual weapon attacks the boss (ooc - attack 25 damage 3).
He casts three celestial bison from SM IV around to boss and tell them to attack him with flank.
OOC - When I say turn of multiple characters they can post simultaneously and I will resolve them in the order listed. So yes, it was OK to post but not to move yet. If Toot had posted before you then you could've moved as well. This is to avoid confusing moves of others. But now it's all resolved so I can see no problems or ambiguities.
OOC2 - The elemental hits AC40 (remember 20=30 for attacks) even if it's not a crit... but 30 is much more than sufficient in this case Smile

(Round three continued and closed)

Toot steps into safety and starts casting while Boo carefully follows him to act as a Wall of Meat (which sounds like a necromantic druid spell). He does so well because the warrior to the southwest tries to pierce his fur coat but misses (AOO AC19).
NOTE: the blue aura around Toot is a magic circle against evil. Use it wisely. Smile

The elemental helps Giant flank the skeleton and delivers a mighty hit.

Portho moves to safety and casts a spell but the cloaked figure continues his chant with undisturbed grace.

The armorer pops his head up and assesses the situation. Shining light mace in hand, he climbs out to the south and manages to bypass the warrior's shield just to be blocked by its chain shirt.

Torin's spiritual rapier does a great maneuver but is blocked by the figure's rock hard skin. The priest prays to Lirr and expects the goddess to respond next round by sending three mighty bisons to his aid, two of them flanking the cloaked figure.

Round four

The villain continues chanting after the attack.

Lugar can barely wait to get upstairs and assumably spits selected pieces of duergar wisdom all the time. (add more as you see fit...)

The southern warrior pierces through the last magical bits of the earth elemental which collapses to nothingness, then approaches Portho just to miss him big time. (AC13)

Giant's turn!
OOC -- forgot that the bisons don't appear until next turn. Modifying round above accordingly.
(Round four continued)

Giant continues hacking the skeleton to pieces and while it stays up, still viciously snarling at the barbarian, its bones are rattling badly.

Giant can feel the evil undead shunning from the protective force emanating from his newfound ally Toot and as a result one of the slashes is barely blocked by his own amulet (AC22). The other one is a hit, though (AC23, -10hp)

The other warrior also makes contact once (AC26 -9hp)

The one standing next to Murkatos raises its scimitar to rip the armorer apart but is stopped abruptly by a shrill call from the cloaked villain,
"Spare the mage!"
Confused for a moment it looks around and decides to approach the bard instead. However, the hesitation cost time so it fails to launch a proper attack. (OOC - wasted a std action).
Murkatos swings his light mace of continual flame in its wake but that was a feeble attempt.

Maul climbs up and to the side, across Toot's place, clutching Pelor's symbol,
"Back you foul creatures of darkness!" but they don't even react to the call.
"Release your cleansing light" he utters and touches Giant who feels warmth washing over the nasty cuts throughout his body (+22hp)

Toot finishes the spell and... (place your summon and your turn)

Toot's turn! (to be followed by Boo, Portho, Murkatos, Torin)
OOC - Khm - Giant needs some healing... If his rage ends he will be dead (undead)
OOC - oops, forgot that Maul should've done that.... fixing above. (+22hp registered)

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