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[IC] Chapter 1-9: Circle of Hate
Toot summons an elemental and it attacks one of them beasties. Considering the skeleton concentrating on Torin the elemental hits!

Still Portho's turn... (in addition to 2nd round action, please confirm if prev round you started singing or tried a melee attack... in the former case I'll modify the first round retroactively, no big effect)
(11-04-2016, 09:20 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: Toot summons an elemental and it attacks one of them beasties. Considering the skeleton concentrating on Torin the elemental hits!

Still Portho's turn... (in addition to 2nd round action, please confirm if prev round you started singing or tried a melee attack... in the former case I'll modify the first round retroactively, no big effect)

ooc - I think he started singing in surprise round and tried a melee attack in 1st round Wink
OOC - Negative. The cloaked figure did something in the surprise round. Everyone else was surprised. Tongue
[OoC: Did you want me to roll the damage of my Elemental?  If yes, I forgot to include Portho's singing.  So the Earth Elemental should have a Slam: +8; Damage: [1d6+7]=11 ]
Torin's knowledge vs undead Know religion [1d20+8] = 10+8 = 18

If he knows something about they (without an action), then he says it.
(11-03-2016, 03:06 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC - Torin and Portho please connect to roll20 and stay connected so that I can move you to the new map...

Remaining in roll20 for you.

(11-03-2016, 08:24 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC - Yes, Giant going crazy for sure. Torin booming a voice in the name of his goddess. Portho singing; now I'm not sure. I took the mediocre attack in his name because I failed to notice that first action goes for singing.... but yes, I am willing to modify prev round accordingly.
OOC - Giant, where did the second 10hp damage come from? I believe it was 1x10 only. I also adjusted for rage so after your turn you have 66/91 hp (but see below...)

(Round two continued)

Giant generates quite some satisfying sound of crushing bones, even though a blunt weapon would be more effective.

Two of the skeleton warriors "flank" the barbarian and three of four attacks hit (8+9+7hp total)
The last skeleton abandons Portho for the benefit of attacking the priest and manages but only once (AC28 hp 11 minus DR3 = 8hp)

Maul utters a few words and a shimmering, huge bee appears above Torin's head!
It starts flying around like crazy, drawing a forest of scimitars after its wake. Three of the four scimitars hit and the giant bee disappears.
"Move your arses!" the grey cleric bellows.

Portho's turn! (to be followed by Murkatos who will effectively do nothing of interest, and then Torin. Meanwhile, Lugar and Toot may still add some std actions retroactively for prev round)

[OoC i did NOT attack in round 1. Even though the skeletons attacked him, he knows his best chance to survive is to empower Silent Giant, he is ineffectual in melee.. so he recited his epic poem]

Round 2: Portho will continue to orate his epic poem while moving to flank one of the skeletons facing one of his allies (Silent Gient if possible, otherwise Torin),  he will attack that skeleton using the Attack Defensively mode  [(Taking -4 to hit to gain +2 dodge bonus to AC): rolling d20+7-4 Rapier Attack - defensively (2)+7-4=5     MISS even if i add +2 for flanking}
OOC - Second turn updated, above: Giant's AOO inflicted a minor wound after all.

(Round two continued and finished)

Portho moves in to the flank but misses.

The armorer follows Toot who can barely wait for Torin to move his adamantine butt from the opening.
And the dwarf does exactly so, moving some fifteen feet into the chamber, leaving sufficient space for the newcomers. He prays to Lirr and invokes her favored weapon in a ghostly form, attacking the cloaked figure but the weapon fails big time.
(OOC - Lirr has two favored weapons listed and Torin has a shortspear while the spiritual weapon conjured is a rapier. I understand the technicalities behind, just thought I'd note this slight diff.).

Round Three

The cloaked figure continues chanting and slowly moving* to the side opposite from the party. Torin tries to identify the incantation the cloaked figure is so immersed into** but fails to do so. It's some sort of a lengthy prayer and Torin thinks it's about darkness and death but can't tie it to any of the deities he's ever heard of.
* (five-foot step won't draw attacks of opportunity)
** (but not enough to allow attacks of opportunity by the spiritual rapier.)

Lugar hauls Maul up who grabs the rope as well.

One of the warriors flanks the newcomer earth elemental and delivers a brutal thrust followed by a quick successor. Luckily, the elemental stays standing. (OOC - not subject to criticals or flanking so it was 7 hp damage instead of 30)

Giant hacks at the damaged warrior once, twice and more bones are crushed but this proves to be one stubborn bastard, still standing.

The damaged skeleton moves along with Giant and returns the favour after a feint. (-7hp)

The third warrior follows them and drives in another successful cut (-12hp).

The fourth warrior turns to flank the elemental, apparently unaware of its futility, but hits anyway. Still, the stout little fellow keeps standing and rumbling.

Maul waits patiently until Boo and Murkatos climb further.

Toot's, Portho's, Murkatos', Torin's turn! (based on the flanking instructions the elemental will step north to help Giant with flanking unless you specify otherwise. )

OOC - moved whole party to new map. Toot will emerge at the trapdoor on his next round and can take a five foot step from Boo's neck to the side if wishes so. Boo will need half a move action to climb out to an adjacent square. Lugar will come last.
(11-04-2016, 06:57 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: ooc1 - waiting for Portho's feedback on singing but I lean towards "yes". That makes your two attacks 1hp more effective each.
ooc2 - so... I failed to cheat in your favour. Smile 10hp subtracted, leaving 42 (28 without rage)
ooc3 - BTW is it intentional that you use two 2H attacks with the axe instead of right-left-right?

ooc1 - I forgot to add +1 enchanement bonus of axe to damage. (d8+10str+2undead+1magic+1singing)
3rd round: Portho will disengage from the skeleton, stepping 5' to the southwest [Moving in Roll20] and stop his bardson to cast Grease on the chanting retreating figure [Reflex save DC 14 to avoid falling immediately.. Balance DC 10 to move through teh Grease area once he has made the save.]

[Bard song bonus continues for 5 rounds after I stopped]
Noted but you guys come in the order I listed, so please just mark your moves (as I did for you now) and do not move until it's truly your turn. Also note that the bastard moved towards SW so he'd actually leave grease with 5ft step if you put it there...

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