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For Crown and Country
Viego nods as he listens. The questions asked are good and more than valid. He was curious to hear their reply, as such he puts his book away, and finishes his wine. He enjoys the taste of the vintage as he waits to see what answers were forthcoming.
Emilia smiles at Brann as he asks his question. "Many of the latest reports of banditry have been unconfirmed and not substantiated by the city guard as of yet. I would recommend seeking out the townsfolk and travellers who have made such claims yourselves to see if their information might be of any use to you."

Her gaze moves from Brann to the rest of you, looking to see if any one else had questions.
Viego clears his throat. "You mentioned a generous compensation? Would you be able to shed more light on what that would be?" His voice was deep, like the crackling of an old fire.
"The crown is offering 200 gold pieces to those who deal with the bandits afflicting our people, dead or alive." Emilia replies to Viego's question, her dazzling smile showing a near perfect set of teeth.
"Quite a generous offer m'lady.  You had me at 'Welcome'..."  He smiles.
Viego nods his head at the offer and smiles. He rolls his eyes at Arkyn's comment though. The wizard then waits for others to speak up.
Brann gives the woman a slight bow to match the smile she offered. The information she gave him was such that any toddler could have pieced together, but he reminded himself he needed to keep a civil tongue in his head. She was after all his current patron as accepting the quest wasn't in question. 

One did have to wonder why they would be so upset over something that amounted to little more than rumors.  Still, it mattered only if it pertained to the means in which the quest was to be resolved. So it wasn't worth pressing the issue. Her being a bit more forthcoming with information was not an obligation. His putting a halt to these bandit raids to their satisfaction was.

Brann asked, again with his normal to the point but polite tone, "Thank you my lady.  Do we contact you directly when the troubles are resolved or if we need to request further authority?"
The young lady with the large scheming eyes speaks. "200 each, or in total? And how shall proof of the bounty be determined?" Bringing the bandits' heads would be messy. If the bandits' company had already be determined, then they might have an amulet they all wear, but with no real information, there wouldn't be anything stopping the unscrupulous from killing innocents and collecting the bounty.

Already, she is taking stock of who in her extensive contacts might know more about these bandits.
Keeping light and composed, Arkyn decides to chime in to expand upon his previous statement.  "Generous offer as in...the gold.  The only gold I have ever seen is from the torch Lathander lights every dawn.  Though, whatever you wish to bequeath upon us for accepting such a perilous journey.  Will be graciously received and respected."

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