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[IC] Decisions decisions...
November 28
Bright but chilly morning.

You all are suddenly woken up gently by a familiar voice in your head.  ~Good Morning Students.  I would like you to come meet me in the dinning room in an hour.  There is something I need to discuss with you.~  You then feel the Professor's presence fade from your thoughts.
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Malcolm sits up, rubs the sleep from his eyes. then the closet door opens itself and a shirt lifts off it's hanger to float over to him.

As more articles of clothes drift over one by one, he looks at Johnny.

"I'm.m gon..na h..hurry while th..there are st.till some of th.those wrap.ps l.left from y.yest..terday."
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Saleem wanders into the room wearing an oversized shirt.  He rubs his eyes and then with a yawn he plops down into a chair.  Laying his head down onto the table he mumbles.  "I hope this doesn't take very long and you have some answers to mini me!"
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Jessica walks into the room and glances around.  She was surprised she beat almost everyone to dinning room.  Jessica never tries to be early for anything unless it's to get her hair done.  She wondered if Aurum would still be salty over the spat they had the other night.  She was possessed by Canker.  She couldn't help that she was infected by some weird virus.  "Oh well," Jessica thinks to herself.  "It wouldn't be the first time she was in the middle of some sort of drama."

Jessica sits down and when she sees Saleem she smiles and asks, "And who are you little guy? Shouldn't you be in Preschool or something?"
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Malcom was just about to enter the dining room and stops abruptly in the doorway when he hears Jessica's greeting to Saleem.

Wincing he prepares to create a forcefield if need be.
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Aurum's eyes open, and Demi lets out a groan. She gets out of bed, stopping in front of the mirror to examine herself for a moment. Demi shakes her head. "That's not what you look like, and you know it. Cut it out." Ros rolls her eyes. "Feeling better, I see." "Screw you." She laughs, grabbing her bathrobe and pulling it around her before heading off to the showers.
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Kat stretches and yawns, glancing out the window to see what the weather is like before throwing on some clothes. She doesn't worry about how she looks, going for comfort. Then she pulls her hologram generator over her head, and she looks the same as everyone always sees her. Same bouncy brown curls. Large brown eyes. Cute studious-looking outfit, with half-heels (in truth, actually wearing a new pair of Vans). Once dressed, she heads downstairs to go to the kitchen, but she runs into Malcolm at the dining room door which she has to pass to get to the kitchen.

"Morning!" Seeing his worried expression, she asks, "What's up?"
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"S..Saleem is st.till a bit t.touchy f.from that vir.rus, and what.t's h.her n.name? J.Jes.sica?  Sh.she asked him if.f he should.d b.be in p.preschool.. it m.might g.get heat.ted in a m.moment."
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Johnny wakes up at the mental summons, then claps his hands to his face and groans in pain. Yes, those are teenage emotions not even fifteen feet away. When the source of them leaves, he sighs and goes about getting himself ready. He wanted to put on a regularge plain white T to go with his jeans, but those damn wings would keep getting in the way. He knew, which is why he showed up at the scene last night without a shirt on. He'd have to figure that part out sooner or later. As he walks down, he can practically smell the fear and the boiling urn that is Saleem. That kid really needed a time-out. There's Kat, looking cute as ever, and he grins to her. There was Ros. And there was a new girl. Was every female in this school a hottie? Maybe living here wouldn't be so bad after all...

"Okay, sooo...what's up? What are we here for?"
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Having been up for hours already in the gymnasium practicing her dance, and gymnastics, Porsche hears the mental call and quickly hits the showers.

Just a few short minutes later she steps out of the elevator, her long black hair a little frizzy from being dried so quickly by her heat abilities. Dressed now in a simple black tracksuit, having changed out of her dance leotard to something more presentable.

"Tengo tanta hambre que me comería una vaca." she pauses, just  realizing that not everyone will have understood her. she shakes her head "I'm hungry.. is there breakfast made?"

Then she sees the glare leveled at Jessica by Saleem. She deliberatelywalks over and sits beside Saleem, between him and Jessica to break his gaze. As she does she says without glancing at Jessica.

"You weren't with us on our little chase after Jack last night, chica. Saleem had a rather rough night. Probably why the Professor called us this morning."
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