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[IC] Chapter 1-8: Cascades of Hate
[OOC - 3 rounds planning is not required but advisable to keep things rolling. If some of you plan for one round only then I'll stop at the next round and ask again for everyone's action. Those planned in advance may review theirs but if they don't post that's cool because they don't stall the story.]

Giant has to risk so he gives the trapdoor an impulsive push to poke his head inside and have a look around. Just as he does so a surge of sizzling energy discharges right at the fingertips of the half-orc (-10hp electricity damage).
The next thread starts with what Giant and Portho experience; MAJOR SPOILER for the rest.

Murkatos recognises the wailing sound and exclaims,
"An Alarm! Keep your bearings, it will end soon!"
and starts climbing Lugar's side to follow Torin who's right below Giant.

Toot wraps a rag around himself and indicates Boo to swim through. The bear obeys and brings the doodid safely next to Lugar without anyone noticing anything strange.

Maul looks nervously into the pit and into the shaft then into the pit again.
"Move or this bastard will carve the last bits of footing under our legs!"

Lugar helps the others gain height as fast as possible but the rope is crowded, people are already hanging from the ceiling, literally.

The iron wall reaches and eventually penetrates the water surface. Whoever wants to cross (swim under) may experience squeezingly tight moments.

The party seems to have passed the point of no return.

(Continued in next thread.)
Lugar lowers the shield so Toot and Boo can walk on. "Tie your bear while I lift you both up." He says to Toot then he yells to the rest of the party to get ready to haul them up, using his Duergar tact. "Move your arses! I haven't got all day!"

Initiative = 20 (on roll20 it says 18.06 but didn't add Cat's Grace)

Climb = 12

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