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[IC] Chapter 1-8: Cascades of Hate
OOC - Our group lit as a Christmas tree Smile
[OOC - is everyone waiting for someone else?]

"I'm prepared. Maul nods sternly.
"So you open the gate then-- what's next?" the armourer asks while bracing himself tightly agaist the only handhold he can muster; his light mace.
[OoC: This weekend I had company staying with me, which I usually do at least every other weekend, so it's difficult to post. ]

Toot raises an eyebrow when there is no sign of the antimagic field.  "What happened to field," Toot asks.  "Without knowing range of field, it be risky to summon creatures who would vanish if it returns.  You remember what you do when it appeared?  Or how far field reached?" 
The armourer looks at the rogue as if anticipating response from him for some reason.
Lugar was hiding from the giant statue, squatting low in the water with only his eyes poking out like a crocodile, when he feels the other's eyes anticipating his reaction...  Wiping the mucky water from his spindly beard he replies to Toot's inquires.  "I'm not sure how the anti-magic was activated.  It may have happened when we crossed the threshold or it may have activated when the guardian came alive... I will look for the trigger mechanism and try to disarm it.  Give me a moment, and cross your fingers."

Search (can't remember if I can take 20 or not, late night for me)
1d20 +7+2(unusual stone work, if applicable) = 21

Disable Device (if search was successful, again can't remember if I can take 20 or not)
1d20+14+2(Cat's Grace) = 32
OOC - important clarification in OOC thread. Please add your points of view there.
While five cross their fingers one operates the iron wall. Just as the wall begins to rise all the everburning torches within ten feet snuff out.
Lugar and Torin feel their ongoing magic effects being dampened.
Those with darkvision can see into a larger space, a huge metallic figure positioned right in the middle. It is so huge that only its legs are visible; the rest are hidden by the low ceiling of the passageway. Still, it is sufficient to tell that the figure is turned in the party's direction and leans on a huge sword (although only part of the sword fit into the field of vision).
Within seconds, the party asserts the western border of the antimagic field and the armorer explains that it's likely a ten-foot-radius sphere. (OOC - displayed on roll20 as a translucent blue circle)
The guardian is completely still; only the ripples of waves awakened by the elevating iron wall are reverberated by its legs and the walls around.

Giant, Lugar and Torin...
... can hear some faint muttering, not unlike a chant, from the direction of the vault.
Can you hear that muttering witchcasting? - Giant whispers
"I hope one of you day dwellers brought a real torch." Lugar says sarcastically when the torches wink out.

"Aye, we need to silence it..." He whispers to SIlent Giant. "I will attempt to turn off this trap."

Ooc- does Lugar think its a magical trap he can disarm? He will do a search of course. Also, is it safe to assume that the field will go off if we closed the door and were inside the vault?
"Alas, I have no non-magical torches or lantern. I do have flint and steel if anyone has anything that can fuel flame."

[OoC isn't Portho on Silent Giants shoulders? or is it assumed he has to swim?]

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