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Megtaláltam a régi trait jegyzeteimet! Vsz nem teljes, nem végleges, és legfőképp irreleváns  Big Grin  de a rögzítés kedvéért:

Torn Chains of Love
  • +1/+2 Attack
  • Free weapon 
  • Trip bonus(?)
  • Alignment restriction
You have been painfully separated from your family at an early age but you inherited a spiked chain (short or long one, your choice). You embraced this artifact as the only token of your origin and spent your juvenile years honing its skills. Even though you haven't mastered it, you still handle it better than most.

  • You start playing with the weapon of your choice. If it's a masterwork weapon, it costs half the shop price.
  • You gain +1 trait bonus on attack with spiked chains (both short and long). If it's enchanted as a Holy weapon, the trait bonus on attack increases to +2. Note that this does not make you automatically proficient with the weapon so any nonproficiency penalties may still apply.
  • Choose one of the following:
    - You are considered to have Two-weapon fighting feat for purposes of using the long spiked chain as a double weapon (without reach), provided that you meet the prerequisites (Dex 15).
    - You receive a +2 trait bonus on trip attempts with spiked chains (both short and long).

  • If you unwittingly wound any good creature, or a non-evil creature of your own race (regardless of alignment) with this weapon, the trait bonus is negated (0) until you atone your misdeeds. If you deliberately committed the act, the bonus turns into a penalty (-1/-2) instead. The penitence is determined case by case. If you fail to be honest during your confession or atonement, you lose the trait forever.
Returned from Dust
  • Stonecutting bonus
  • Spelunking bonus
  • Knowledge (dungeoneering)
  • Agoraphobia (if lost, penalty on Wisdom based skills)
Hunted Game
  • Detect Traps
  • Saves
  • Disable(?)
  • Kobold diplomacy / bluff
  • Save bonus vs 2 elements
  • Alchemy bonus
  • Compulsion to save others
Salvage Specialist
  • 10% shop prices
  • Appraise bonus
  • Detect magic Mending 1/day
  • Reluctant to use consumables
Pest Hunter
  • +1 Perception and Sense Motive vs rodents
  • +1 Attack
  • +1 Knowledge
  • Pest odor (bath negates bonus)
Undead Bane
  • Negative energy resist
  • Channel energy bonus
  • Save bonus
  • Glowing eyes when encountering undead
Snorkling Champion (Riverside Hero)
  • Swim
  • Hold breath
  • Survival bonus in aquatic environment
  • Not in medium / heavy armor except non-metallic medium armor
Dragon Scholar
  • Know arcana related to dragons
  • Save bonus vs breath (dodge)
  • Automatic language: draconic
  • Diplomacy / bluff
Hüvelyk Matyi (nem emlékszem az angol névre, a többinél meg a magyarra...)
  • Dodge vs Huge+
  • Point Blank Shot vs Huge+
  • Charge bonus vs Huge+
  • Overprotective
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Aham, igazad lehet nem ez volt a végleges, legalábbis a Salvage Specialist esetében a detect magic cserélve lett valamire úgy emlékszem, de fogalmam sincs már mire.
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Talán 0. szintű mendingre vagy hasonló?
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igen, mendingre, fürdés közben nekem is eszembe jutott.
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