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[IC] Chapter 1-7: Many Meetings
Giant can see a wall of roots in front of a gnome riding a bear. Do any of these qualify as "dangerous"? Smile

Torin's turn!
- There is a big cave not so far from here. We will go back there and let you pass. Also we can start to speak it again from the beginning: the undeads, the world saving and your friends: the orc and THE DUERGAR. You use same strange words. Do you mean a gray dwarf when do you say DUERGAR?
After that Torin follows Portho, he could move faster than Portho but he don't do this.
(OOC - In total defense)
(07-28-2016, 02:20 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: Giant can see a wall of roots in front of a gnome riding a bear. Do any of these qualify as "dangerous"? Smile

Torin's turn!

What a ....? ... Witchcraft! - he says.

- A gnome and a bear in such evil place.
- A gnome riding a bear
- Wall of roots
None of them was here before. Was this gnome the corporeal undead?

Int check: 9
if DC>9 then "dangerous" else "very strange"

Surrender yourself, gnome! - he is readying his bow to shot if they come too close or trying to attack us. (standard action)
Giant fails to remember that there's a (probably) natural entrance to this cave PLUS there's the portal they came through. Still, the ranger has no hard feelings when it comes to bears and knows that they appear in caves (especially in wintertime...). He doesn't find the juvenile gnome dangerous either.

Lugar's turn!
Will save = 12

Lugar sees the path to these three fools closed off by roots. "Hrumph, cowards." He whispers.  Lugar moves away from the door and back into the lobby seeking Maul and Murkatos, besides, the burly half-human was getting too eager with that bow behind his head... "Giant... it's me Lugar... I'm invisible... we should tell the Maul what we saw while those cowardly fools run."
OOC - If this will save was vs illusion then it was premature; Lugar did not interact with it so he's not entitled to a save (yet).

Lugar returns to the Lobby and meets Maul and Murkatos in the north doorway of the lobby, ready to act as agreed previously. They are caught flat-footed by the dwarf speaking out of nowhere but get over with it soon.
"Dwarves and gnomes, even deep ones, don't favour duergars and orcs that's for sure," Maul nods in understanding, Neither do elves, with some exception he adds in a bittersweet tone, obviously referring to Merri.

Portho's turn!
OOC - will be off for the weekend so while waiting for Portho's turn let me add some incentive in hopes of getting some progress in the team-building Smile

While Lugar returns to the lobby to have a chat with Maul and Portho carefully retreats, leaving space between him and the bear-mounted gnome everyone hears a deep rumbling from beneath their feet that ends with a loud "clang" as if two heavy objects, probably stone and metal, moved towards each other until they collided. Then there is silence.
Portho whispers to Torin.

"That did not sound good, let us get away from these crazies, they have obviously disturbed something."

With that he withdraws a full 40 feet further up the tunnel.
(08-04-2016, 11:50 PM)Portho Nihilbuck Wrote: "That did not sound good, let us get away from these crazies, they have obviously disturbed something."
- Good idea. I follow you. - whispers back.
Ooc - can't access my notes or roll20 until Monday, flying blindly...

Portho leaves and can see the darkmantle cave in front of him, some 20 feet away.

Toot's and Giant's turn now, Torin's will follow as written unless he updates, then Lugar's turn.

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