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[IC] Chapter 1-6: Three is a Company
As a response, the bear growls menacingly... but in the opposite direction, towards the gate.

Toot can hear someone sneaking towards him through the rubble from the building. Instinctively he turns to have a look but can't see a thing. He has an idea about invisible creatures but hasn't met any dwarven or orcish wizards before. Maybe there's a wizard with them?
[OoC can Portho make out the bear's growls well enough to understand their meaning in bear-speak?]
Something like "Stranger, stay back."
Portho whispers to Torin.

"Somebody is approaching them from the other side , whom the bear does not know... we should withdraw."

With that he mumbles a short incantation, waves his hand and suddenly a thick tangled , solid wall of vines and roots seems to grow from the cavern roof and floor, completely blocking the passage just 5' in front of Torin.

[OoC Silent Image spell]

He whispers to Torin while concentrating,
"Hurry, let us withdraw around the corner at least, that illusion will not stall them long.'

Then he moves 20' back and ariound the corner, maintaining concentration.
[OoC: I'm back sort of.  Just getting back into the swing of things.]

"Me not know you," Toot replies to the Dwarf.  "Told you, me on quest to save world by doodids.  Me gave some information.  Now your turn.  Why you here?"

When Boo alerts Toot to the approaching persons.  Toot shivers with fear then decides he needs to get out of here.  So with Boo's help, he swings up into his little saddle then says, "Sorry Boo but no more playing games.  We need to get out of here!" 

[If Toot can act first before Portho's spell, he will use Boo to try to overrun both Torin and Portho.  He isn't trying to damage them.  Just get past them.  It's up to them if they want to take an AoO or not or if they get one if this is considered a surprise round.  Otherwise, they can just let Toot by which is what Toot is hoping for.  If they don't, Toot has cure spells to help with the damage.]

[If Portho acts first then Toot will do something else...]

[OoC: I just read overrun and I don't think I can use it against both of them.   It says only one overrun attempt per round.  I assume that means for only one opponent.  Dodgy   Let me know if you agree and whether I get to act before Portho or not.  Thanks.]
Ooc yes, you get to act before p Portho and yes, overrun is an attack form with a single target only.

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(07-16-2016, 05:50 AM)Toot Wrote: "Me not know you," Toot replies to the Dwarf.  "Told you, me on quest to save world by doodids.  Me gave some information.  Now your turn.  Why you here?"

When Boo alerts Toot to the approaching persons.

@DM: Could you create a map and put our tokens there. Just to clarify fully the situation. Who much time elapsed between Toot's question and Boo's alert?

OOC - I will be in a training on Monday and Tuesday. I don't know how often can I post.
OOC 1. Map is up on roll20: https://app.roll20.net/join/942363/0jDKGQ

Toot's question was ended by Boo's growl so pretty much no time in-between.

While Toot was climbing up to Boo's saddle another masculine voice is heard from beyond the gate, claiming,
I'm a ranger not a druid you bastard talking undead! Zizz was a druid! I can see you! Prepare to die! after a moment of pause, the voice adds, Again! .... forever!
[OoC Since Toot and Boo are going to act before me I will add the spell back on andd it would not get used, as their action would modify what i do]
[OoC: I'm not sure how overrun would work because they are standing beside one another.  So if I succeed (or he lets me by) does Torn move one square to the east?  Or can I even overrun because technically overrun just lets me through a square so the three of us would end up in the same square because Portho is standing in the way?   Huh ]

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