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[IC] A Stolen Land
Using the horses to assist, you manage to drag the massive amounts of boar meat back to the Trading Post. Kesten has apparently set a watch on the walls, which alerts him to the arrival of 5 individuals, horses, and 4 massive boar carcasses. Kesten opens the gate to reveal Oleg, in a fair amount of disbelief, Svetlana, quite happy to see you all safe, and two others. One of the two new faces is a balding, middle-aged man sporting the holy symbol of Erastil. The other...((Introduce yourself, new player. Show us what you've got.))
The other one is a young human man with bald head and with big muscles. He looks like a light armored warrior, he wears a studded leather and carries a round heavy wooden shield. He also has a morningstar and few strange exotic light weapons, and three javelins. He is not a good-looking but tall, big, very strong and dexterous young guy.

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