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[IC] Put your completed characters Here.
...Just what the title says.
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Completed sheet in the signature.
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Vidar approaches your drinking table, looks you in the eyes, and slams down a piece of parchment scribbled with small numbers and words. Across the top it says "Character Sheet."
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Valdi leans over his brothers shoulder and tosses his on top.

"Hey brother, that wench yonder has been staring at you all night. What did you do?"
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Eran opens the door and tries to find an empty chair in this inn.
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Nexendia takes a seat at a table and then a tiny winged dinosaur climbs from one of her cloak's pockets and hops up on the table in front of her.  The little beastie complains bitterly and loudly about the lack of nibbles.  Nexendia smiles, orders him a small... no, better yet a large bowl of fruit.  It looks like they will be staying awhile.

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The one on the right looks almost real! I think I just failed my will save...
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Completed sheet

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