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Crunch stuff
Kingdom turns are some time away, but not quite *that* long. You're going to need some good modifiers for Economy, Loyalty and Stability. I'll get to those when the time comes.
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At first I didn't think for my character as a charismatic ruler, but I accept the challenge.
In this case I will come with a mage king. He will be a Peri-Blooded Aasimar if it is acceptable for you.

(If anyone else can fill the ruler role, then I change back to my original plan: an intelligent arcanist.)
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Updated my character sheet. This should be the final version pending DM approval.

Vidar would make a good tyrantSmile
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I'm playing an Intelligence skill-monkey so.... Not sure what role would make sense.
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Valdi is in a good position for several roles.. Councilor, General, High Priest, Marshal, Treasurer, or Warden Forecasting now what exact role you will fulfill when we get farther into the campaign may be premature now though. We are lacking anyone with Dexterity, Intelligence or Charisma as their primary stat, which means potentially Ruler, Grand Diplomat, Magister, and Spymaster are wide open.
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Well, if I move some points around, I could have a suitably high Dex to match my Intelligence.

Currently, I've got it as Int 17, Cha 15 as my two highest stats, with everything else being "above average"

I could drop Charisma down and raise Dex, or I could drop everything else down to average and have a marginally good Dex and Cha.
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Guys, you should be preparing your PCs for the game, but not for something yet to happen. I just wanted you to keep Cha in mind, but you don't need to worry about it yet. The most important thing is to be as balanced and as true to your character's styles and strengths as possible.
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That was my point, it is sort of premature now.
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Ok, boss!
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Here's a Vidar's backstory, I took some liberties but feel free to change anything you like Valdi Smile

Vidar and Valdi were raised by their Uncle Snorri, a Skald, who taught them about war, magic, and legendary heroes. They are half brothers, and have different mothers, who claim that their father was the pirate captain Vila Dobos. Vidar's mother was a tough Ulfen woman with green eyes and fiery red hair. The family legend tells of a brave woman who, long ago, wrested the heart of a great dragon. Their love burned the world around them and when the dragon turned to ash a child was born. He grew to be a courageous warrior, undefeated in battle and sired many sons. Such stories were told by his mother, Frega.

Vidar spent his young years at the side of his mother helping with household chores, farming, and tending animals. Even at a young age he enjoyed exploring the mountains and woods of his homeland. At the age of 8 he was given to his Uncle Snorri to be raised like an Ulfen man and met his older brother Vladi for the first time. They bickered, they fought, they wrestled, and they grew close. Vidar had the upper hand in raw strength, but Valdi was perceptive and wise beyond his years. Together they grew to be strong and capable warriors, their shield wall could not be broken. Vidar followed the path of his own instincts and Valdi the path of the gods, for he was gifted with the power of the seers. Vidar learned to hunt and trap, which he preferred over other skills that he considered too boring. In the wild he could test his strength and cunning.

One day, after a night of drinking, they decided to venture to Brevoy to find their father and to carve the runes of their names into legend.
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