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Crunch stuff
Clansmen traveling together. Sounds like an idea. Looks like you guys are set. We'll still need someone with Wilderness skills
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Can I keep oDhinn as diety. If I take Irori i'd be more of a monk than a viking warpriest (I'd actually gain Improved Unarmed strike and have that as my sacred weapon), but it would be a totally different play style as I'd be LN and monk-like rather than CG and barbarian-like
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The dwarven diety Magrin works I'd end up LG, but since it looks like the Ulfen often worship dwarven dieties from what I can see in the Golaripedia it would work.
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32 points is a lot! I was looking at the site and epic is 25 points.  I built Vidar thinking starting scores were 8.  The site says 10. Is it 32 points starting at 10 in each ability?
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You can take Magrin and flavor it as odhinn if you like.
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Done took domains Law and Rune and it works.. Odhinn is a diety of the underworld anyway so it is very fitting.. Magrin representing himself to humans differently than he does to dwarves but with the same ethos
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Oh I just noticed. One of our traits has to come from Kingmaker campaign? even though there is no Foreigner or outsider trait for the campaign like there is for RotRL?
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Perhaps there's a trait that signifies being an outsider in a different way. Like Gilley took the nobility trait with Adra but she isn't actually a noble. So it might be subtle, but I'd like something that you can use to connect your pc with this world.
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Vidar and I have brainstormed a way.. just seeing whether he likes my latest idea.. we'll probably be bastards

and take the Bastard trait.. so illegitimate sons come looking for dad from our far off country/upbringing
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"Why do you sound like you're from the North?"

"LOTS of planets have a North!"

Couldn't resist.
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