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Crunch stuff
System: Pathfinder.  Almost anything you find in d20pfsrd.Com is fair game.  Gunslinger and homebrew stuff are not allowed.  We, your friendly, neighborhood DMs, reserve the right to check on a class, race, etc. that you might want before okaying it, but this should be pretty common sense-ical.  Focus on being a cohesive group, or playing characters that will easily become such, and you won't have any problems from us at all.

Abilities: Point buy 32.  You can roll if you prefer, of course.  Your choice, but please pick one and stick with it.

Multiclassing: It's not really optimized in pathfinder as it is in 3.5, but I won't penalize you if you really want to do it.  Just please make sure to document everything you're doing so I can follow along.

Hit Points: Full at first level.  After that you can choose between rolling or half+1 but you need to stick to one choice throughout.

Initiative: Due to the occasional slowness of PbP format, initiative will be in bloc format.  If any group of PCs have initiative over the enemy, those PCs may take their turns in whatever order they choose.  This means that if Players A, B, and C all have better initiative than the enemy, and Player C is online, he does not have to wait for Players A or B to post before he can.

Traits: Every character should have 2 Traits, but one of them must come from the Kingmaker Player's Guide.  There are a number of them in that file and they are all in-depth and should provide a wealth of info to add to your backstory.  Which reminds me...

Backgrounds: Folks, I'm not demanding a novella.  Your PCs are all first level.  They shouldn't necessarily have a TL : DR wall of text.  But they are still PCs, so they should have something that is unique about them, and something that connects them to the world of Brevoy.

Creative license: It's allowed but cannot be used for mechanical benefit. You can describe your weapon which is mechanically a Greatsword as an "gun-sword" in appearance, for example. This will not change the fact that it is, mechanically, a Greatsword.

Anything I might have missed?  Feel free to alert me.
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This might help you all out:


That's the player's guide for the kingmaker path, available on paizo's website absolutely free.  You might want to take a look as it gives a good idea of what a player could make better use of in each class in terms of skills, regional feats, etc.  It's a good resource for this game.
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Here is Vidar so far, link in signature.
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Working on Valdi the  Warpriest

32 point buy with Pathfinder is a lot. His stats went UP from where they were in the other campaign.

I am not familiar with the Pathfinder gods... is there a Good aligned diety within the gods of the Ulfen (PF version of Norse) that  would be a god with Rune Domain?   Right now I have Odhinn with Rune + War from the other campaign, but wish to know what deities would fit your game.

Obviously he is from outside Brevoy, but using the Pathfinder wiki I found there are some Ulfen settlements that are also on the shores of the Lake of Mists and Veils to the north-east in Iobaria. So a simple trading trip to Port Ice could drop a novice adventurer in Brevoy to seek his fortune. (See Orlov and Okormirr
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Cool beans, guys. Looks great so far.

Vitkyng, here ya go:


Looks like they are all mostly Neutral or Evil. Irori looks good, though.

Yeah, Golarion is the greater world around everyone in Pathfinder. Roughly equivalent to Living Greyhawk or Dominaria. In other words, it's "The World". So there's ample possibility for him to be from "the North" and none of the other PCs would know where that is.
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I edited my post above so you can see my idea on background a bit. Looks like both Nerdred and I are taking Viking Blood trait so there is an easy tie -in how we know one another perhaps... twoclansmen perhaps
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I was going to go with half brother but clansmen is good too. It's a good reason to go into a rage when your blood brother gets attacked Wink
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LOL and just saw that he worships Odhinn too a bloodrager that worships Odhinn travelling with a warpriest (Godhi) of Odhinn lol
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Half brothers work too..
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I like the Viking from a distant land looking for adventure idea, taking a page out of real history. Now we just need something to kill, pillage, and princesses to seduce. = epic Viking saga Smile
ooh forgot the a giant to slay!
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