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Out of Charges (OOC thread)
Oh noes!  Out of charges?  Whatever shall I do?
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I'm thinking of doing an Investigator.
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I saw someone had a war priest idea, looked like a Viking. I was thinking, if it's okay, to be that dudes brother or childhood friend.
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Again, everything that is non-homebrew, non-gunslinger, on that site is totally fine. You want to make a warpriest that is his second cousin I once removed, that's all good.

That was vitkyng, btw.
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There might be a problem with having multiples of the same class. Certain roles need to be filled, and a warpriest might fill one but not another.
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Wow, it's... interesting trying to figure out how feats that involve spells work with Investigator extracts...
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I'm gonna build a human barbarian. What level are we?
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Ok, here she is. Haven't gotten around to rolling up and spending cash, but everything else is done, unless there's Traits or other optional rules like that.

Andra Petrescu
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Yeah. Everyone starts at level 1.
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Huh... Think I'll drop one feat to pick up Noble Born (House Medvyed). Like, a fifth daughter. Totally not in line for succession. Best hope from her family is for her to marry a higher noble (or maybe join the priesthood, considering the price of dowries...), and so far, she's disappointed them greatly.
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