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Wild Card
Dez, I have the body. In route to the Wild Card, get the loading lift ready... It's not an attack... I'm not sure but I think our little droid friend caused an explosion... More of Holon's guards were following us."
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<"Roger that!" > Dez acknowledged and headed for the lifter controls.
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At the lifter controls Dez sees a lifter droid approaching the ship with a crate.  The Captain, following behind and looking nervous, reaches the lifter.  Dez can hear claxon sirens going off and black smoke periodically wafts in front of the view camera on screen.  She activates the lift and brings Captain Sunt and his cargo aboard, along with a rather large lifter droid.  "Thanks.  It seems our timetable has moved up a bit.  No thanks to our little droid friend...  I expect more of Holon's guards to come soon.  No doubt they will come looking for us again.  We may have another fight on our hands so be prepared."
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"Certainly, Captain." Dez sighs. "Just what I wanted, another encounter with Holon Veil and his goons. I'd rather turn on the afterburners and fry them all to the hangar deck floor."
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(09-25-2016, 12:44 AM)Nerdred Wrote:
(09-21-2016, 01:32 AM)MK-L1G "Long Wrote: Long immediately pulls out his synthrope and will cut it into sections as he basically hog ties and gags the unconscious staff, starting with the Quarran and guard, surmising that being the hardest to stun they will also be the quickest to recover, as he does so he uses his commlink to broadcast to Captain Sunt.

~I have seized the control tower, had to use a little more force than planned, but no sentient beings were damaged. It will be a few moments before i have command of the control tower systems. Have you and Dez made any progress on finding your pilot?~

"Good job. We secured your cargo. Can you access files on ships that have come and gone in the past three days? Also, I need you to override the spaceport door controls and patch it to the ship. We may need to make a quick getaway. Our timetable has moved up. I need a lead to follow to find this pilot... Dez, what do you know about slave trade on the rock? Surely someone spilled the bantha poo while they were drinking?"

Ooc - Now that she was feeling better Dez recalls that if anyone knows it would be Zann the duros. If only we had a data pad or commlink to hack and access to some of his operation info...
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"The Duros, Zann would be the one knowing the most about the slave trade on The Rock, Captain." Dez remembers. "Best chance to find what you're looking for, would be to hack his operation data."
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"Wait, didn't our little friend take a commlink and data pad from the Gand?" The Captain says with sudden inspiration.
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Dez is in the armory, using the commlink hands free, as she holds the blaster rifle and wonders how easily the grenade launcher could be modified to fit her blaster carbine.

"He did? I must of been mentally occupied elsewhere." She responds. "Perhaps, if I threaten to put a big hole in it, the little sleemo will spill on the files you are looking for?" She adds sarcastically.

She puts down the weapon and reluctantly leaves the armory in search of the things Long took off that Gand.
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"Alright. I found the commlink and the date pad that Long took off the Gand." Dez communicates after a few minutes. "I am unsure what data we can get off of the Gand's datapad though. Seems to me, that Zann would not have left such sensitive information in the hands of the Gand or at least deleted or scrambled the root files once we got hold of the datapad."

She boots up the datapad anyway. The chances that the Gand was using an uncrypted datapad to store info was unlikely at best.
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On boot up the data pad requires a simple four digit code to unlock, or a finger print...

While Dez deals with the data pad, Captain Sunt goes to work in the engine room, cursing and banging away while he attempts repairs.
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