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Wild Card
"You did what with the Gand?"  The Captain asks with surprise.

The weapon's locker contains:
- 2 vibro daggers
- 1 vibro sword
- 2 blaster rifles
- 1 blaster rifle with grenade launcher attached
- 1 light repeating blaster rifle
- 3 stun grenades
- 3 ion grenades
- 3 frag grenades
- 1 missle launcher with full 4 round magazine
- 1 power pack for each weapon already loaded in each weapon
- 1 slug thrower rifle with magazine

The Captain throws down a data pad with a list of repairs the ship needs.
- hyper-drive motivator fried
- shield generator power conduit burst
- main fusion reactor out of alignment
- sensor dish operating at 1/2 range
- life support systems leaking
- refresher hot water inoperable
- automatic doors stick, power supply problem

"I'll begin repairs on fusion reactor.  It should only take me an hour or so.  If either of you need help just contact me through your communicators."  He gives you both the frequency code.
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Long lets out a whistle at the contents of an armory ready for a small scale war.  He simply picks up 2 ion and 2 stun grenades.

~If I need to use lethal force to get into or out of the control tower, then I have failed.!

~The Gand? The remains of the gand have been moved to cold storage out of the way, hopefully where they won't get reported for a few hours. Is this a problem?~
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Dez appeared to be in a daze. Her eyes are focused on an empty spot in front of her.

"Communicators? No... Umm, Yeah...doc-tor. Slaves...wha?"
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~Mistress Dez? You seem ill? Is everything okay?~
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(06-14-2016, 08:55 PM)Dez Synn Wrote: Dez appeared to be in a daze. Her eyes are focused on an empty spot in front of her.

"Communicators? No... Umm, Yeah...doc-tor. Slaves...wha?"

Captain Sunt realizes he's been blabbing on and on.  "Oh dear, those wounds are bad, you need help."  He rushes over to Dez before she passes out.  "Tough gal.  Hey Long help me get Dez to the med-bay, hurry!" Once inside the med-bay Long notices that it is almost spartan and empty of medical tools and supplies. What supplies are there are scattered about as if someone was hastily grabbing items. Sunt directs Long to dig in a lower drawer for a med-kit, which he finds but it looks as if items are missing. Using the kit, Captain Sunt meticulously patches up Dez's wounds. (+8 hp)
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Dez blinked and slowly opened her eyes to see the Besalisk looking down at her with concern.

"E..chuuuu.. Kon..chee bolla Je?" She rolled out in Huttese. Her eyes gained focus and she swallowed. "Thank you Captain Sunt..."
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Captain Sunt - "Welcome back." He says with a smile. "You speak Huttese! That may come in handy... Especially if someone is looking at selling illegal body parts." Sunt looks at Long. "Eventually someone will find the body, come, I have an empty crate in the cargo bay. Let's get him before someone else does and comes knocking at our door." The Captain walks to the door of the med bay then turns to Dez. "You can stay here if you like and rest up. I prefer not to leave the ship unattended, that's why I kept old Rusty around. Be back shortly."

Ooc - have limited service but I can post, yay! Haven't forgotten about the files on Zann and his gang, they will be coming soon. Takes an hour in game for her to access all the information for you.
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Ooc - Moving on, Dez can join them or stay, assuming Long will go to recover the body?

They exit the Wild Card through one of it's cargo lifts. Continued in "The Rock" thread.
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(06-30-2016, 09:17 AM)Dez Synn Wrote: Dez will stay aboard the Wild Card. She hopes they will all leave this terrible place soon.
Dez, still onboard the ship and feeling better, takes the time alone to explore the Wild-Card and get to know her. She finds in the right cargo hold a two seater speeder and several crates marked "fruit." The left cargo hold does indeed contain a disorderly pile of droid parts, mostly battle droid. The engine room appears as she expected, in need of a good mechanic. She finds her quarters across from the Captains and the door opens automatically for her. She takes note that she will have to set up a new security code if she wants privacy later. Inside is a single bunk with drawers underneath, a desk, and a locker. On the desk is a holo-recorder. Inside the locker is a space suit fitted for a woman. Dez goes to leave the room and looking across the corridor she notices the Captain's quarters access lock is blinking red. From experience she knows that means there is something wrong with the door lock. Before she can get too wrapped up in that the she hears a very loud BOOM and the ship rocks a little.
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Dez keys the encrypted comm unit the Captain gave her.

<" Captain! The Wild Card is under attack! Something just exploded! ">
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