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Wild Card
The old ship spews steamy gases sporadically inside, lights flicker go out then come back on with intense brightness only to repeat the pattern, a smell of burnt ozone and melted wires wafts through the still starship air.  "Welcome aboard!" The Captain says enthusiastically.  "It doesn't look like much now but she packs a wallop in a fight and she's never failed me.  The cockpit is up that ramp, the crew quarters are down this hall, but lets talk first in the galley.  This way."  He leads you past the crew quarters down a wide walkway, his heavy steps clanking on the durasteel grate floors.  Long finds the see-through floors ideal for conducting repairs, making it easier to spot failed components.  "Stay out of this cabin, it's the Captain's quarters."  He points to one cabin on his left as you go to the rear of the ship.  He points out cargo bays on either side of the ship.  "I have more battle droid parts sitting back there for you Long, like I promised.  But please sit, let me answer your questions."

Captain Sunt grabs a med pack and sits down.  He slowly pulls his jacket away from his left side causing a sticky suction sound and dark blood stains his clothes.  His other hands are swiftly opening the med pack and grabbing the supplies.  "First, let me thank you both for helping me.  I will deliver on my promises and get you off this rock... I don't care what that Duros says.  You're good people, I can tell. Go ahead ask your questions."
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~I am not people.~

Long loks confused a moment. Then he realizes it was a figure of speech.

~I have been empowered to offer several things in the interest of securing passage. the first unfortunately was weakened by having to use it earlier than expected.  It was not expected that they would have alerted the authorities so quickly and that I would need to edit the security videos simply to gain access to your vessel. However in doing so I have secured the focking port computer. She is quite nice actually.  I am well on the way to accessing the docking control tower, and have the necessary access codes. I will need a distraction so i can get uin, but once i have control of the tower, the docking computer and I will be able to open the  blast doors and drop the air lock field.~  Long looks at Dez, ~Flik said I could space Holon if he touched you. Too bad he did not touch you.~

He turns back to Ubi.

~The Gand had these possessions on him when the guards shot him. I have not had a chance to analyze the contents of the data pad or credstick.~[/b]

He dumps the following items out on the galey table:

- credit chip  0.1kg
- med pack   1kg
- com link  0.1kg
- a simple data pad  0.3kg

~I doubt the Gand had any idea what Zann wants but we need to check his data pad just in case.~

~Oh if you have any contacts among the biological supplies seller. I could use a buyer?~
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Dez finds a place at the galley table and sits down carefully.

"The problem is that Holon Veil doesn't only want to touch, he thinks he owns me." Dez interjects toward Long before the questions and answers get under way.
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"Well, you may not be a person but i've met many people with less personality than you."  Ubi responds then listens to Long's breakdown of the situation.
"You've been busy I see.  Nice work with the recording by the way, saved our skins, you both did.  So you can get access to the control tower?  This is good, we need a solid escape plan.  I know a set-up when I see one and that so called "Mayor of the Rock" Holon is up to no good.  Not sure how that Zann fellow fits in all this.  I've seen this before, local thug boss tries to intimidate you into compliance and slowly  takes all that you have, rather than waste resources in a straight up fight.  Maybe they are both playing the same game."  Ubi continues to patch up his wound as he talks.
"Later we should try to crack the security on that cred chip and the com link.  But now I should let you know why I'm here.  My crew and I were attacked... by pirates... we were getting slaughtered when out of nowhere another ship swooped in and saved our butts.  We got away but most of my crew died in the fight.  I took the Wild Card into this asteroid field and managed to track the pilot here.  Pirates took his ship and I'm betting they sold him.  That Duros mentioned the Talz was enslaved so I think I'm right.  The thing is, I owe that pilot and I'm not leaving until I find him.  I hope you understand.  If you sign up with me you get ten percent of all profits, free lodging, and a loyal captain.  Are you in?"

Roll Perception please.
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(06-09-2016, 04:35 PM)Dez Synn Wrote: Dez finds a place at the galley table and sits down carefully.

"The problem is that Holon Veil doesn't only want to touch, he thinks he owns me." Dez interjects toward Long before the questions and answers get under way.

"Well he'll have to get through these four blasters if wants to try to take you."
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Dez listens to the Captain's explanation of his situation and motivates for coming to the Rock. "I've had my share of encounters with pirates and slavers in the past Captain Sunt. An ally in times of need, when those elements are in play is a rare and welcome one. I can understand your want to find this pilot and possibly assist them in recompense."

"I want to thank you again Captain for your support in getting Long and me off this horrid Rock and, if there are no objections, I'll request to occupy the second most spacious and amenable quarters aboard the Wild Card...after the Captain's quarters of course." She conveys her thoughts. "I'm a fair pilot myself...and ship's gunner if need be."

Perception (Deception or Influence): 1d20+9 18

[OOC: If the roll is for general Perception other than those listed in the description the roll is 17]
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[Perception [1d20+9] = 13+9 = 22]

~Sale of a fighter or other ship will have left records, as will it having been docked here, I can get my new friend to check her records. What was the model of the ship?~

~Aside from skill at repair an modification of vehicles, droids, computers weaponry and other armamment I am also a skilled pilot and trained in vehicular combat maneuvers. As well as an astrogation droid. If allowed to join this vessel I will require a private operating space in one of the cargo areas. I do not require the same amenities as a lifeform.~
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"Good, your hired. I need a pilot and a gunner, the last ones... never mind."  He puts out his top right hand to shake on it.  "You can have the Cabin across from mine, they're all the same size."

There are six cabins, where four more should have been is now converted to storage compartments.  Here is an outline of the ship

[Image: 656?cb=20110217133541]
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Ooc - so I was mistaken about Perception being used to detect Deceptive words, its for a visual disguise.  Verbal Deception has to beat the opponents Will Defense.  Either way I rolled so low that he didn't beat your Will defenses.

"Make yourself at home, Long, I keep spare droid parts in the port cargo bay, you can stay there if you like.  This ship needs some T.L.C. if we are going to make it through any scraps in the future.  The pirates took his ship then linked up with a tug, it was a Mandel Motors Interstellar.  The pilot was flying a Jump Master, nice ship."

You both detect inconsistencies in his story.  He is not a good liar.  (Before I say more I'm curious if you've already picked up on some)
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~Forgive me if I seem impolite, but if you got away, and your ship was never boarded, and the hull never breached... how is it that your crew died?~
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