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[IC] Chapter 1-5: Vault of Hate
The masterwork blade finds a joint on the animated statue, making a minor crack on it (1d8+4 = 7hp). The other blade makes contact on a thick armorplate, causing no more than a surface scratch.

"No magic! No weapons, no armor, no trinkets! Retreat!" the armorer yells as a response to Giant and frantically considers all possible ways to deal with the situation. "We need enchantments. Cannon fodders. Lightning," he mutters.

"Get outta there and regroup!" the priest shouts.

As the two take a few steps back they notice that the armorer's light mace starts to emanate light again as they pass the stairs. Murkatos yells: "The field is in the door!"

The construct takes a step back and swings at Lugar again, but swings too low and the sword is slowed down by the deep water protecting the dwarf almost chest-high. (OOC - +8 AC from cover for the dwarf. Silly rule Smile )

OOC - corrected damage caused last round (5hp less). Realised that the two-handed sword is just decoration and it's a slam attack.
Lugar's turn!
(06-14-2016, 06:06 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: The masterwork blade finds a joint on the animated statue, making a minor crack on it (1d8+4 = 7hp). The other blade makes contact on a thick armorplate, causing no more than a surface scratch.

"Get outta there and regroup!" the priest shouts.

OOC1 - AC27 miss, oops
OOC2 - hm, 3ft not low

Good idea! - he is ready to retreat after next attack :-)
OOC - don't forget there will be no -2 if you attack only once.
Ooc1 - no magic? no invisibility Sad  
Ooc2- Fighting defensively + CE= +8AC + 8AC improved cover/concealment?
Ooc3- This may sound dumb but being totally submerged = total cover and can't be attacked by someone on land? Sounds strange in 3' of water, but I guess Lugar would have about 1.5' of water separating him and any attack?

Lugar recovers from dodging around the murky vault water to avoid the Statue's blows and spits the black water out at his opponent with a grunt.  He grits his teeth then dives back into the water in an attempt to hide for the time being.  

Tumble (1d20=1) +7+2=10
Hide (1d20=16)+7+2=25 +10 from improved cover!
Move Silently (1d20=4)+11+2=17
(06-14-2016, 12:34 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC - don't forget there will be no -2 if you attack only once.

I can't attack twice then retreat because he has moved yet.

So he goes to pick up daggers.

"Hey statue, we don't want to hurt you! Can you talk? Peace!" - he says and moves (move action), picks up dagger(s) (standard action).

ooc - If he attacks me Lugar can pick up the hilt.
Ooc 18 default +2 for cat's grace, +3 (not +4) FD, +4 CE, +8 imp cover gives 35 and it hit 34... let's forget that Dex bonus is halved in chest deep water Wink

Lugar botched in his own boots, sending him underwater but manages to surface five foot away without the statue noticing (choose a free square 5ft from your previous position).

Giant tempts fate as he tries diplomacy on several tons of metal. His effort is rewarded by a "no harm meant" friendly slap on the shoulder (AOO for leaving threatened square, -27hp) but eventually he manages to get to the daggers and can reach them to retrieve one (Giant failed a sleight of hand check to get both with a single fluid move).

Maul and Murkatos keep fuming and yelling, "Get out!"

The statue steps back to its original place and slams at the thieving orc hard and again. (-19 and -16hp, for a grand total of 62 in three swings. FYI the worst AC it hit was 37.)

Lugar's turn! Giant follows!
Ooc Murkatos said "field is in the door" whatever it meant... hint hint... may try to cast invisibility far from door... cough...

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"Buggers!"  Lugar blurts out as he watches his companion take a brutal beating.  He drops his pick (free action) quick draws his magic rope (free action or move action) in one fluid motion and directs it to wrap around the Statue's eyes, again and again, until it can no longer see.  (Hopefully this odd use of the rope blinds the creature, 50% miss chance, -2 AC, no Dex, automatic fail on spot checks, can't read Smile, and it wastes an action cutting the rope.  Also the Statue should only be 10' away if it's back in original position?)  What am I doing, he laments, knowing that his precious rope won't survive this but hopefully it will buy time for Giant to escape.  Dark Maiden, your humble servant needs you,  if only Maul could here me now ha!

Ooc - do you have any rules on exploding magic items when broken? played a game once where that got way out of hand...
Ooc this is exactly what came to my mind. However this is one of the best creative actions I've ever met as player or DM (and a sacrifice at that) so expect it to be rewarded.

I'll have to think on resolving it. Make a touch attack (I'll find out the exact attack bonus of an animated rope) and we'll see the rest in 24 hours...

Sent from my HUAWEI SCL-L01 using Tapatalk
Touch attack: (1d20=6)+5(BAB)+4(Dex)=15

Rolled 3 more times (1d20+1)= 7, 11, 16

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