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[IC] Chapter 1-4: Cellars of Hate
The trapdoor is a bit stuck but once set into motion it opens up fairly easily. Lugar understands why pretty easily: the pivot axis is not at the actual edge of the trapdoor and there's a counterweight beyond the axis on the lower side so it can be opened by an average adult human, even the average kitchen maid.

Beneath is damp darkness, a ladder leading down, and the turbulence made by the trapdoor's suction brings musty odours of decay. The ladder is not too long, maybe ten feet before it penetrates the surface of some black fluid. By the looks of it the ceiling of the cellar is somewhere three to four feet above the level of the fluid.
Giant pulls out the ladder and examines the fluid on it. How thick is? Is it oil or some natural fluid for example marsh, mud etc?

I prefer to finish searching first this floor.
Lugar will help SG lift the ladder out of the cellar.

"Agreed. I hate water, you never know what's lurking beneath..."
The ladder is not a movable one. It is a metal one, its top built into the floor and its bottom is fastened to something below the fluid level as well.
Giant lets down one end of his rope into the fluid then pulls up and examines the fluid on it.
Lugar takes this time to check his gear and reload his crossbow. Then he'll use his pick to break off a manageable brick of salt from one of the blocks to put in his pack.
Lugar takes a block of salt the size of his liking (pls note it on your sheet, incl. desired weight)

Giant dips his rope and retrieves it. By the smell and touch it seems to be stale, murky water; the thinner surface probably hides an unknown amount of thicker mud beneath.
Lugar will take a 2 lb block (about the size of a skull, not sure how much that would weigh)

"Let's move on, unless anybody has any other business they need to do.." Lugar readies his pick, after finishing packing the salt, then moves back to the corridor to continue searching the hall towards the kitchen. In the back of his mind he is worried about Starsong, if the ghost comes back he will use his hat to take on her resemblance and hopefully save her from a horrible fate...
Murky water - he mumbles
Let's go - he nods
Lugar will head back into the hall and continue exploring towards the dining room.

"We should come up with a plan to take care of that ghost when it returns. Does anyone know of a sure proof way to kill this evil spirit?"

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