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Escape from the Mines (Shunna Maza , Ubi Sunt & Callie)
will post after work tonight to get caufght up.. not quirte Callie's turn yet.. still the Talz, Zabrak then trooper to go..

And yes there was the sounds of blaster fire from the passage the group had left, which were sealed off from them by blast doors just beyond the arena entrance.. That was a full 11 rounds ago.
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(01-20-2018, 06:58 AM)Ubi Sunt Wrote: Ubi gives up his standard action to move 12squares (Ai 12) following behind Shunna. He scans the area tactically. (Battle Analysis)  As Ubi gets further down the corridor can he see anything in the room ahead?

[url=Battle Analysis [1d20+8] = 15+8 = 23]Battle Analysis[/url]
"As a swift action, you can make a DC 15 Knowledge (tactics) check. If the check succeeds, you know which allies and opponents in your line of sight are reduced to at least half of their maximum total hit points."

Ooc - So we heard blaster fire coming from the mines that we had just left a few rounds ago correct?

Shunna and Ubi race forward down the hallway. Shunna commands the trooper to surrender, assuring him he will be safe.

Ubi scans the room, all the troopers and security guards are either dead or completely disabled, save the one trooper still standing beside the crumpled heap that is Kratos. That trooper is barely standing, blood trickling out from under his  torso armour to trickle red down the white armour plates covering his right leg. [1 HP left]

Njon's Turn

Njon gives a whooping bark and folds the stock on the blaster rifle, then attempts to blast through the shield at FOG. The shot has no effect, Njon waves his arms, barking in fury.

The Zabrak's Turn

"You rusty bucket of scrap, this is not a fracking game!"

The Zabrak mirors Njon's attempt to blast through the shield. His shots too are deflected.

"Damn you rust-bucket!!"

The Stormtrooper's Turn

"I surrender. I will not be harmed. Under Imperial Charter section G, statute 7837. the treatment of defeated Human prisoners is clearly defined. No harm will come to me."

Round 11

Map Updated
[Image: arena-round-12.jpg]

Callie's Turn
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