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$81.68 donated / $385 needed
for site upkeep Jun 2017-2018!

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9 81.82%
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Succy-Do List
Things on the table:

  1. Account Switch: So far proving to be a royal pain in the arse with any theme/template.
  2. Tweak in-line quoting display with and without images
  3. Add Spoiler BBCode
  4. Dice Roller
  5. Chatroom
  6. Alerts
Anything else you know we need feature-wise?

Things off the table for now:

  1. On-site character sheets: For now, let's use Myth-weavers. 
  2. Instant Messenger
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Account Switch -check.
Image hosting and linking -check.
Spoiler code -check.
Alerts -check.

Dice Roller is incoming soon. Minty is working on one for us!
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Awesome, you guys are really kicking ass.

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I was unable to get either spoilers or tables to function in n attempt to get a Marvel Superheroes character sheet template created for GM marvel's game.  According to this both functions are enabled?  

In View source mode i am typing content | content 2
 and [Spoiler=label]content[/Spoiler]

What am I doing wrong?

lol the Table tag worked here in quick post lol.. so I am using Biew source to see what i did wrong.. may have solved part of my issue anyway.
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This is the info in the spoiler

Is the example of how it will look in your post. There is no title so you cannot do [spoiler=title] You can check out the other BBCode in the FAQ: http://forums.rpgaddicts.com/misc.php?action=help&hid=7
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I think I know how to get the spoiler title to work now so I should be able to add that functionality soon.
I'll let people know when it's changed.
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